September 19th, 2004


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Can someone recommend me a good (FREE) website and/or book about health/fitness/diet etc? There's so much crap out there and I don't want to spend weeks sifting through it all.

mac comp. question

i have an apple g4 ibook
it won't start all
(it froze yesterday, and i did that control,apple button, esc (or whatever buttons those are) combo, and that did nothing, so i closed the ibook up, and now, it won't turn on)

i've looked at the apple website...but yeah, i can't find much help there

Burnatonce Discrepancy?

I have a CD Burner program called Burnatonce. It's a nice little freeware program, but I've noticed something that puzzles me. When I go to write the files it tells how many mags of data will be written to the CD, but then after I click write, it gives a different size. For example, when I click "write" it says that 387 Megs will be written to the CD-RW, but after I click "ok" it says that 444 Megs are being written to the CD-RW.

When I check the actual size of the data which was written to the CD-RW, it says that 405,455,461 bytes has been written (which comes out to 386.6725 megabytes)

444-387=57 Megs... so my question is would this be a glitch in the Burnatonce burner's byte calculation, or is hidden data perhaps being written to the CD-RW that I'm unaware of? Might it have something to do with "undoing" a last write or something?

Question for y'all...

cause that's what that this place is all about...

I have a case of rugburn on my chin. Any suggestions to help it heal faster?

It's because my boyfriend didn't shave...

Thank you:)
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american psycho.


Today would have been my mother's 43rd birthday.

I am inconsolable.

Is it wrong of me to feel like God sniped my life? I imagine him waiting for things to get good then deciding to just shoot it all right out of my hands.

hair questions

I'm growing a beard... that prompts a few questions that I'm only asking because I'm really, really bored:

1) I haven't decided on a style. What should I try? My girlfriend says she'll leave me if I try beard-with-no-mustache or anything near ZZ Top-length. People keep telling me I look like John Cusack... there's a bad picture here and a slightly better one here.

2) How does hair decide what color it's going to be? I already knew because of my sisters' kids that I had a blonde recessive gene, but I've always had nearly black hair. Yet I have a lot of blonde hairs in my beard, and quite a few red ones. Why is this?

3) Over the last few years, I've had these mutant hairs popping up sporadically. They're thick, black, and stiff... they look like black toothbrush bristles. I had once in my eyebrow once, a couple on my chin, and one really persistent one that I've pulled out of my nose twice. What causes them?

4) Similar question: I also have exactly two gray hairs. One that grows out of the back of my right earlobe and one that comes out of my left tricep. They usually grow to about 1.5 inches before I accidentally pull them out. Normal hairs in every other way except for the color. Why do they come in an unusual color from locations that don't normally have long hairs?

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I was thinking about the basic rights of humanity. Not rights that a govornment is to bestow, but sort of "high truths" that each human owes to another.

If you could think of any, what would they be?

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What's something that most people seem to be able to do that you can't do?

I can't walk and drink at the same time.  Doesn't matter if it's a glass, through a straw, a bottle, whatever.  I have to stop walking, drink, and then start walking again.

Oh, Livejournal. How we love you.

1. How did you get into Livejournal?

2. How many people are on your friends list? How many do you know originally from real life? Have you met any of them in person that you met on livejournal? Do you remember where you met most of them? Where DID you meet most of them?

3. If you can remember, what was your most successful post in any community on Livejournal?