September 18th, 2004

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I was just pouring myself a glass of soda and I put two cubes of ice in it. I was carrying it back to my desk when one of the cubes made this popping sound and jumped out of my glass. It scared the living daylights out of me! What just happened?
  • slyfoot

Internet Explorer "Find Next"

One thing that has always annoyed me about Internet Explorer is that the F3 key does not do a "Find Next"... instead it seems I have to relaunch the Find box, re-enter the text, and click the button to search for the same text again in a web page. Is there some way to re-map the Function Keys in Internet Explorer to do this?

(And yes, I know that Firefox will use F3, but I'm not asking about Firefox or Opera, or whatever other browser someone may be dying to recommend...]

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I'm sending a package to a friend in Canada. There's just a letter and a CD inside, it weighs less than a pound. How much postage should I use? On the return address, do I just put "USA" after the state, or is there anything else I need to add?
Ahh! Babies!

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Is there a way to search for what comments someone has posted in LJ? Is there a way to log all of the comments you have ever made in LJ? like a journal of comments in communities...

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When you have to read something really boring out of a text book, but you just cant struggle your way through it, what do you do? I need to read these 2 chapters, and I cant stay focused on it..... HELP!
  • gnerd

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Please assume you had a choice of living in any of these nations. Select the nation where you would choose to live, and tell me why?

South Africa
United States

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Does anyone know a lot about European history?? I need some help *like now* (sorry for waiting til the last minute!). My aol sn is handisnack69 (yeah yeah, I've mostly outgrown it). . . . please IM meeeee! :-P Like around 1500, ish?

iMac hard drive into PC?

Is it possible to take a hard drive from an iMac and put it in a PC? And if so how would one go about doing it? The CD drive and the network card (meaning the internet) are totally fucked on it. But all that extra space! My PC would sure "apperciate" the extra storage.

The model is apparently a Maxtor 34098H4 M.

Any help is apperciated as always :)

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Would it be easier for me to get more/better financial aid for college if my parents were to be divorced? My dad makes 49k a year, my mother 36k, together 85k. My brother and I would probably live with my dad. I'm a senior in high school, 17 years old, and am curious about the difficulties of becoming legally independent from my mother/parents.
  • slyfoot

ASCII Character Reader?

Anybody know of a freeware program where you can copy and paste special characters in order to get their ASCII value? In other words not Charmap or an ASCII chart, but something that will identify a character's ASCII code when selected?

Yahoo! Messenger

Why doesn't my Yahoo! Messenger work???

When I open the program, I sign in and then I get this window. If I try to click on "Sign In" again, it doesn't let me.

I've uninstalled and re-installed it 2x. What can I do? Should I just forget about Yahoo! Messenger and stick with AIM, since I have many more AIM contacts?