September 17th, 2004

things that make you go hmmm....

1.If you could be any animal you wanted to in your next life what would it be? and why?

2.What are the top 5 things that need to be changed in the US?

3.What are the top 3 funniest things you have heard in the past 2 weeks?

4.Which is more enjoyable the sun or the moon? and why?

5.What intrigues you to read other people's journals?
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(no subject)

Tonight I hung out with Phil & Ashton & Mick along with the girls and I noticed Deanya definetly treats me different than her other guy friends. Like she seems more excited around them and more willing to want to talk to them, sometimes I feel like I'm annoying her when I try to talk to her. Just from observation it's not the same. Maybe I'm looking too much into it but even tonight, I tried to start a conversation and she gets off the couch ready to go.... but when she was talking with Phil he had her full attention.

If I was someone looking in on the situation I'd think she likes her friends and not me. But i always here that "she really likes you chris" but I'm not feeling it. My friends give me warmer responses than she does most of the time. I have to beg sometimes to get a decent hug. But maybe the lack of any kind of preassure that comes with just being her friend is apart of why I get treated differently but i don't know.
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(no subject)

I had hiccups for about two hours before I went to sleep last night. I slept about five hours, then woke up and still have them. They're the really nasty violent body-jerking unsafe-to-drive kind. I have tried every remedy I know and still have them. And I don't know whether this is a factor or not, but I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday (no pain or swelling though, not much yesterday and none at all since I've gotten up--the hiccups, at the moment, are far more an inconvenience). I vaguely recall something about anesthesia and hiccups being linked... Anyone have ANY ideas on how to stop this? I can eat hot food today and don't want to spill my egg drop soup I've been drooling over for 24 hours...

Compter Related

To the much smarter people in this community, I bow to your higher learning. In Windows, I know there's a function that when selected, makes each window overlap the tool bar on the bottom. The computer I'm working on how is doing that, and it's driving me buggy. How can I un-select that feature, and get my tool bar back when the window is up? I've gone through practically all the options on My Computer and didn't see anything about it. Can you help me?
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PS1/PS2 Accessories

Does the Playstation 2 use the same video-out cable as the original Playstation? (I mean - would I be able to use the video cable from my PS1 on a PS2 - not will they both work with my TV, etc). Am I correct in assuming that PS1 and PS2 do not use the same kind of memory card?
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(no subject)

Do you like it when people call you pet names? Does whether you like it or hate it depend more on who's saying it or what they're calling you? i.e. it matter whether it's your SO calling you "darling", or the bus driver saying "here you go, love" as he hands you your change?

What do you do to expand your horizons? Are there some things you think everyone should try at least once?
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(no subject)

What's the new fad among your school/work/neighborhood/whatever?

At the school I attend, a lot of the girls wear this, most of the time, strapless shirt where the area covering the chest is ruffled and the rest is just loose fabric. I think crayola makes this shirt, because I don't think I've seen anyone two people where anything close to the same color. I can almost swear it's a maternity shirt. I personally don't like it, but whatever floats their boats.

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(no subject)

Hey! I have a question...well when my boyfriend the agressive type to make a move or to show that I want him. I definatlely want him, but I don't know what moves to make. For the past few times we've had alone time it's only led to touchy feely making out, but we've discussed it and we're ready to go a lot further. What can I do to show that I want him?
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Research Paper of Your Dreams

I have a research paper for comp to do, and we can basically write it on whatever topic we want. What a great opportunity, right? Finally, I have the option to do a paper on something I actually want to learn about. But there's one problem.

I have to come up with at least 8 ideas for potential topics, but I have gone blank.

Please help! Throw out as many random ideas as you can.. they can be anything from China, to the distillation of water, to depression, etc, etc...
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Im still planning my trip to the USA... i have my working visa and everything now so its all definate... still have some questions that you may be able to help me with..

I have 5 days in LA... I want to go to disneyland and go tosome good shops.

If I stay in anaheim for the whole 4 nights and go to disneyland.. is there any good shopping centres (malls etc) around? or should i go to LA city for that? or hollywood?
I dont mind spending a night in hollywood and checking that out if they have better shops, or LA, itd just be easier to stay in the same place.

The weather here (australia) is pretty warm compared to USA winter... so im not used to it. I have bought thermals for the snow (im staying at the ski resort) ... but ive heard when u r inside buildings its always warm anyway? what do you usually wear out, here i just wear jeans, top and warm jumper. Will i need to wear thermals everywhere? what kind of clothes?

*note: ill be there december-march (winter)

all this probably sounds silly.. but thanks :)

--Give me suggestions pLeAsE!!!!--

Can you give me suggestions on my previous question...'How do I show him that I want him?' and to go into detail about that...we've talked about oral before and how would I go about giving him a blowjob?? And what else is there that we can do?? Please gimme some ideas!
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Philladelphia Experiment

For those not aware of it, its a story that has been floating around since the 40's that the US Navy tested a device during WWII to render a ship invisible, with supposedly drastic consequences for some of the crew.

What do you think really happened?

Personally, I think they were testing some sort of stealth technology, radar or sonar jamming, or perhaps some special engine or hull attachment that would make a ship run quieter. Achieve any of those things, and for the purposes of combat you might as well be invisible. So, I think thats what was going on, and over the years things were misheard and misremembered into a ship that dissapeared before your eyes.
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Two Questions

No. 1: Is anyone else having problems staying signed in to MSN Messenger? I can't seem to stay signed in for more than 10 minutes at a time.

No. 2: What's your favorite color? Any particular reason? Mine is purple and I'm not sure why. I just tend to gravitate towards purple things. :)
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(no subject)

Does anybody know what font was used in this header, where it says "raptamakeout"?

And where can I find some sites with animations like this?
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