September 16th, 2004

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Say you met this guy. He's absolutely incredible, but you only talk to him for a few minutes. You don't exchange eMails or anything. You don't even get a last name.

By what he revealed in his conversation with you, you're able to find his eMail address online. Do you eMail him? What would you say?

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I get a ride to school every morning, and every morning we try to listen to new music. Now, the car rides are quiet, soft and usually very sleepy, so can anyone think of any good songs to make on a mix CD?? Exampls of past cd's have music like Elliot Smith, Hayden, Alice in Chains UNPLUGGED (not the loud stuff), Crosby and the Gang, etc...

Another political question

It seems there are a lot of individuals in this community whom are going to vote for John Kerry. This is not meant to flame I'm simply curious,

What are three reasons to vote for John Kerry?

note: Answers to this question can not contain any refrence to George W. Bush. I.E. "He's not Bush" Or "Bush has done this so I'm voting for Kerry"
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What do you do when someone complains about not being included in a group, but when he/she is invited, always comes up with an excuse to skip?

And my random question...what's the best kind of hot tea?

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Is there a band called Prozak?! I'm trying to find this one song that was back in maybe 97ish and I only remember the music video and it was all cartoony... I think the guy went to the movies or something but I could be totally wrong. Anyway I thought the artist was Prozak but I can't find anything about them/him/whoever...
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If rabies is transmitted through saliva, why can't an animal simply be tranquilized and have their mouth swabbed and the saliva examined to determine presence of the disease? Why is it necessary to kill it and examine the brain to know if it even had it to begin with?

(I asked a friend of mine this once who is a doctor and he said he thinks there was a good reason for that but couldn't remember LOL)

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Oh god I don't know how to ask this question... but here goes...

What is Chai? Like, as in Chai tea or a Chai latte? I have no idea what it is so this sounds so ... foreign and it seems like I'm not saying it right.
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I called someone's cell phone and got a recorded message I've never heard before.

It rang about four or five times, and instead of voice mail picking up like usual, an automated voice said:

"Sorry, please try again later - 61."

Now, if his phone is off, it doesn't ring, I just get a "customer is unavailable message" in the same voice as the one I just heard.

I'm really just curious if this new message means anything that I should be concerned about (blocking? ending my call before I could leave a message?) Or, do I just worry too much. :/
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"light bookkeeping"

What do employers mean when one of the items in a job description says "light bookkeeping"?

I have a lot of admin experience and I'm pretty quick in figuring things out. Do you think accepting that job would be a problem? I know it also has little-to-no supervision and it's a new company.