September 15th, 2004

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Food that lasts a while...

I'm considering taking greyhound out to California from CT to save money. For that I need food that keeps well through significant climate changes along the way, 3 days worth in and 3 days worht out(I'll be staying for about a day). So does anyone have suggestions on what sort of food I can prepare at home for lower cost than buying on the way, that will be safe to eat nearly a week later with no refrigeration? Microwaves might be available at some of the bus stations but are not guaranteed, so nothing that would require heating.

A cheap source of MRE's would be a viable option, those are fine heated or not heated, and come with a water activated heater I can use. But I don't know where to get those cheap enough to be worth it...

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Do you read the rules when you join a community?

Do you print them out and double check them every time you have a questions?

Have you ever had an 'owner' flip on you for not following a silly rule? (that come to find out isn't in their 'rules')
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What car do you drive and what MPG do you get? Also, which country are you from?

Please - no flames. Prediction - European answers will be in the 25-50mpg area and American / Austrailian answers will be 10-35mpg area.

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In a job interview, when asked why you want to leave your current job, would it be a good answer to say: I feel undervalued in my current job, my hard work is largely unacknowledged and I'm frustrated at the lack of opportunity for progression?

Or would it come across as whiny and arrogant?

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EDIT: I fixed it! Turns out my soundcard was loose! ;D Thank you again!

Okay, I need more trouble shooting help!

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Thank you for your time- you guys always give the best advice!

((ps- I fixed my laptop! Thanks for all of the good advice you guys gave!))

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My mom and I live in a cozy two-bedroom condo. She has the small bedroom, I have the larger one. She's getting married soon, at which point she's moving out and letting me stay in the condo (she'll pay the rent!).

So, I'll have an extra room. I'm trying to think of fun things to do with it, other than turning it into a den (I'm bringing my desk and entertainment center down into the living room).

So, what would you do with an empty room?
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danged wool allergy...

I've wanted a pea coat for more than a year now. But every time I see a coat I like, it's made of wool. I'm allergic to wool. Are there any stores or catalogs that sell those that don't have wool?

Also, I've been wanting a fedora for quite awhile, but it's the same situation as the hat: every one I've liked is made of wool. I can't even line the inside of the hat because it doesn't work [insert long story about my Brownie beanie making my hair fall out, even when the inside was lined], so can I find a non-wool fedora anywhere?
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How do you keep your feet from turning to ice?

My body wil be warm to the touch, but my feet... are ice cold. And there's nothing I can do to warm them up. I hate wearing socks, kick hot water bottles off the bed, so I'm out of options otherwise. How do you keep your feet warm when you sleep? Any suggestions?


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With a sudden increase in income I am considering getting a paid account. Is it really worthwhile getting a paid account? I would like the extra icons and being able to had 'Paid Account' beside my name. Is there anyone here that is a paying member? Do you find it benefical?