September 14th, 2004

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Why is it that when people pass away, we mainly tend to remember the good times spent together? (I guess in a way, it is the same with relationships: after the pain of separation subsides, we sentimentalise our memories of the past experiences with the other person.) Is it a form of coping?

What if the person was mainly evil? Would Hitler's family remember his positive traits despite his overwhelmingly evil acts?

Lucky charms

As I was eating my lucky charms I couldn't figure out what the yellow marshmellow is supposed to be! Help!

I have in my bowl:
green clovers
pink hearts
red balloons (i think it's supposed to be a balloon)
orange and white shooting star thingy
blue moon
green hat with clovers on them

what is the yellow one????
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how do you tell someone tactfully, preferably without getting in to an argument or really hurting her feelings, that she is no longer invited to your party because she causes too much drama. she is a friends friend so it makes it a bit more sticky.
i dont really know how to say things tactfully. hell, i will even take a lie.

cat question

Ok. i have a male 5 year old cat. one time i brought home a dog for ONE night (foster home) and it jumped on it's back and rode it around the house as the dog whined in terror. last year i decided that i felt bad since i'm gone during the day and it must be pretty boring with no one to play with so i thought about getting another cat. i brought home another male cat (another foster home placement) and i had it for one week (the owner finally came and picked it up). my cat pretty much kept the cat in a corner for a week. so once again i'm thinking of getting another cat.

do you think maybe by getting either a female cat or a kitten (male or female) would be better and my cat wouldn't hate it so much????
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Two Unrelated Ones

1) Does it bother anyone else when floor tiles are not lined up correctly?
The tiles in our bathroom are so uneven, I can't even look at the floor anymore.

2) Has anyone else heard about skunk stink being a sexual turn-on?
I was listening to the radio a couple weeks back and they were talking about foul smells. A woman called up and said that skunk stink turned her girlfriend on big time.
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does anyone want a gmail account?
i have six invites that i just can't get rid of and they're bothering me.
if you want one just email me at

sorry if this is a no no in this community.

PC games

Among other things, I'd like to get my bf a PC game for his b-day.

He likes playing online (free)
For the past year or so he has really gotten into American Army

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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what do you think happens to us when we die? do you think its the same for all living things? does your religious affiliation play a part in your beliefs?

i myself tend to be a realist- i seriously doubt the existence of a heaven or hell, at least in the traditional sense. i believe that its just the end- like a prolonged sleep. this view isnt incredibly popular among people, and understandably, as it is of little comfort. i am also an atheist, so there is no notion of god in my belief, obviously. but if this was true, what about all the documented ghost sightings? are all things "supernatural" just b.s.? i do toy with the idea of a spiritual plane of existence that we go to after death, which makes me feel slightly more comforted. death is such an unsettling topic...

what are your views?
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Do you believe in evolution?

Do you believe in creation?

Do you think someone can believe in both? ...In other words, does believing in one automatically exclude the possibility of believing in the other?
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After being seperated for ten years, my parents are finally going to file for divorce this year. And once that is final, I think my dad and his girlfriend of 12 years (you saw that correctly) are going to get married. I'm not particularly fond of the woman, but over the past decade, I've grown to tolerate her and her kid.

My question is this: When it comes time for my wedding / college graduation / some huge party event, should I invite her? My mom's side of the family is considerably larger than my dad's side, and naturally, they pretty much hate my dad and his girlfriend. (My dad's family isn't too keen on her either, but that's besides the point.) Do I invite my dad but not her, not invite either of them, or invite them both and buy a carpet cleaner for when people start killing each other?

I'm not in danger of having to make this decision any time soon, but I'm just curious what other people think.
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Anyone know Latin?

What is the purpose of the 2nd and 3rd noun declensions? At first I thought they were by gender, but that clearly isn't the case... is that just the way it is, or is there an actual reason?
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Hypathetically asking...let's say i got my citizenship through marriage, but before i recieved my green card, there was a little conflict between me and my spouse and i moved out. And the green card was send to my spouse's house. And let's say he's still holding a grudge and he won't give me my card...and threaten to take it to court for a divorce and I can be send back to wherever I came from. My question is, what legal actions can I take in this case? If I take those actions, what am I risking? Is my citizenship at stake and can I really be send back to my country?

Although it's hypathetical, I appreicate if I can get some serious answers.

halloween costumes

has anyone decided what they want to dress up as for halloween? i think this year i'm going to try to make a costume and be elsa from the old computer game hero's quest. yayy.
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