September 13th, 2004

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I'm going to ask a bit of a weird question...

How do you know when you've truly "gotten over" something?

It's been almost 2 years since an event in my life that affected me deeply, to the point of serious depression etc. I thought I had completely dealt with it and moved on with my life. Then the other night I needed to help a friend with her problems, and it brought all the emotions and memories of what I went through back to the surface. I started crying.

I thought I was over it, but if I still cry when I think about it, does it mean I still have more healing to do? Am I NEVER going to get over it??

Yikes, so weird, I hope the question makes sense.

3 questions...

What does a slap in the face by reality feel like?

In reality I see a color this way but could it be seen differntly by others and if so who is right?

How does the world look from your eyes and perspectives?
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Please hair me out *ducks*

Bad puns aside, I have a question about curling one's hair. I'm in a production of Pirates of Penzance, and the director has asked me to curl my hair for it, but I have really fine hair (and rather long hair, all the way down my back), and it simply doesn't hold curls. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways that are almost certain to work? (and step by step instructions would help, so that I don't do anything stupid)
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I think it counts

I was having a conversation with some people at work. I have a BS in Computer Science. They do not believe that I can say that I am multilingual. While I do not feel that I should tell possible employers that I am in the case of applying for a job where they want someone who knows different spoken languages, I still feel that I have the right to say that I am multilingual because I know many (computer) languages. What do you think?
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Pumpin' Gas

In your state, are you allowed to pump your own gas?
Do you still have full service or are all the pumps self-serve now?

I'm just wondering how it is in other states. We recently went to Oregon, not knowing that it's all full service. I got yelled at for hopping out and opening my gas cap. Sorry, man, we pump it ourselves in California -- full service isn't something you see very often.
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When do you think it is okay to euthenize a dog?

My mom's dog's life is eating once a day and peeing around the house. She makes it out to the kitchen once a day, but she won't go out to pee or poo. She just does it in the house. Even if we try to take her out, she won't go. She isn't falling over or peeing ON herself, and she isn't in emmense pain (though she seems pretty stiff sometimes, where she won't lie down or has trouble getting up). But she eats, and her bowels move, and the rest of the time she sleeps. My mother is wondering if we should put her down since her quality of life is nil, but, then again, she isn't in horrible pain. She's been contemplating it for about 6 months now, but she can't bring herself to do it since the dog is theoretically functioning. She's 17 years old.

What do you think?

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a few questions...

How old were you when you first flew alone on a plane? Did the airport ask a lot of questions (assuming you were young)?

Do you get a guilty conciense when you break a rule or do something you know is wrong?
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Do you wax, tweeze, or bleach your upper lip hair? Or are you lucky and you don't need to? Or do you use some other method to keep the hair away?

Comment anonymously if you are embarrassed ;)
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a question about food

1. What is your idea of the ultimate comfort food? What makes it so comforting?

For me, it's my mom's chicken and rice. And it's not the dish itself, it's more the way it reminds me of home.

2. What, if any, movies are you looking forward to seeing when they are released?

I can't wait for Ladder 49 or Shaun of the Dead.
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"Drumline" the movie

Are the colleges in Drumline based on real ones or did they make it up? (Atlanta A&T, Morris Brown College)

Did you notice how much advertising was in there? The drum brand Pearl was conveniently placed very clearly everywhere, but I could not see the brand of the cymbals (I think it was Zildjian). Did you notice that everytime there was a boombox, it was the same blue JVC box that Devon had in his room?