September 12th, 2004

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Your parents(or personal if you are the right age) response to the Vietnam War draft

I'm just randomly curious, I don't want a political debate, just a sharing of stories.

As for my parents(as I wasn't born until three years after the Saigon Embassy was evac'ed), my mom was ineligible because she was female(duh).

My dad's draft number was coming up fast, it was obvious he was going into the military, it was just a matter of time. He thought about it, and largely due to the greater odds of survival he decided he would hate the Navy least. My grandfathers and great uncles WWII Naval service probably played a role in the decision. So, before the other services had a shot at getting him, he voluntarily enlisted in the US Navy.

Didn't keep him out of combat, but then again, on a destroyer the most grueling combat you would see would be an exchange of fire with NVA shore artillery if you had to move in to bombard targets. There was also a brief fight with some torpedo boats that tried to run, but ended up at the bottom of the ocean anyways. The North Vietnamese did not have much of a navy, our Coast Guard probably could have kicked their ass.

out of curiosity as I cough up a lung...due to the haze and indoor smoke..

for the smokers:

Why do you smoke? I have never smoked a cigarrette in my life, and don't feel like picking one up. But I see others smoke and always wondered why...


Out of the two which is worse: breathing in cigarette smoke indoors with the balcony doors closed, or walking about the streets and inhaling the haze? (Annually, at this time of the year, our dear friends of Indonesia burn huge chunks of forests down. And so along with the regular city pollution - since KL has exciting traffic jams - where a regular five minute drive would turn into an hour drive, we also get the additional pollution from burning trees. And this is the driest period of the year - so it rains once a week instead of every other day! This year it's not so bad - the haze, but enough to cause some discomfort)
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Has anyone ever done a juice fast? What were the results? (I'm considering this more as a form of detox than for weightloss). Can you refer me to any websites that offer juice recipes and tips? Thanks.

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For all you theatre types out there...

I'm a theatre/politics major, and I have to pick a play for my senior project, which I am casting/directing/etc. I *did* have a play all picked out, Proof by David Auburn, but unfortunately so did Hollywood, and I don't really know how keen I am on having people having just seen the movie and then coming to see my college play and comparing the two. I love the play though, and may do it anyway because.. and here's the dillema.. I can't find anything else I really like.

So... Do you know of any plays that:
-Have a small (or at least small-ish) cast
-Have a leading female role (I'm collaborating with an acting theatre major)
-Are *well written* and thought provoking

Ideally I'd like some political elements too, but I'm willing to forego for the sake of a good play, since most political plays nowadays seem to either be crappy and simplistic or cultural.
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Do I want to buy my ex-sortof-boyfriend* a Christmas present?
It'd be cheap and it'd probably make him happier than he's been in a long time...

I just don't want him thinking I'm trying to buy him back or anything. I don't want to date him, but I'd like to have him back as a friend to talk to about things like free will/fate and such... but i don't mean the gift as a bribe or whatever. I just have this thing about making people I know happy.

Proposed gift would cost me about 5 dollars to obtain, but he doesn't know where to get it at all (ah, the wonders of Ebay).

*We were really close friends, I asked him out, he said yes, then said we shouldn't date because he'd hate it if I ended up hating him the way his ex did and never talking again. So date was cancelled. We were good friends for about another 2 days, then I went on vacation, he got back together with his ex and proceeded to start avoiding me. I'm not angry with him (or his ex, since I'm friends with her too[and actually got her permission to ask him out in the first place{she said it was fine by her but couldn't understand why i'd want too}]), though most of my friends are(some personal beliefs about the situation that my friends think are bs).
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Usenet Newsgroup Descriptions?

Anybody know where I can get a comprehensive guide to Usenet Newsgroups with descriptions? Preferably a listing of newsgroups that describe the newsgroup and how active they are? I realize there are thousands upon thousands of Newsgroups, so I don't expect every newsgroup to be mentioned. Just a good list of major newsgroups will do.

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What did you think of the movie Vanity Fair? I found it very hard to sympathize with Becky Sharp. She was greedy, manipulative, and nothing but an oppurtunist. So maybe we weren't supposed to sympathize with her, but it was interesting that she was so mean and was yet the protagonist of the movie. Thoughts?

I haven't read the book, but I know in the book her character is even more extreme.
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Can anybody think of a small pet other than a fish that lives for a year or less? No bugs or anything like that.

Wilco is going to be playing at my school this fall, and I want to go to the concert, but I've never really listened to any of their music. If I were to buy one CD by them, which should it be?
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blood and cops

This question was inspired by tonight's episode of "Six Feet Under":

When a murder or suicide happens in a person's house, you're not suppose to touch anything so the cops can investigate. But what happens when they're done? Who cleans up the blood?

I just wouldn't expect that to be left up to the resident of the house. It's traumatic enough that someone died there. It'd be too much if that person would have to clean up the bloody mess also!