September 10th, 2004


I've got 2 and a half hours to come up with this...

I've been a customer service rep, office gopher, light shipping person for nearly 2 years. I have now found a new job and want to give my notice today. I like the job but the owner is an asshole. How should I resign? Should I write a letter? What should I say? I don't want to burn any bridges, so the fact that the owner is an asshole shouldn't play into my resignation, I just like telling people he's an asshole. HELP!!!
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email signatures

I use outlook for three email accounts. One of them is for work. Is there a way for assigning a different e-mail signature to each account? So if I pick my work account to send email through it will pick my proper signature with my contact info. and if I pick my personal email, I can pick another signature by default. I am doing it manually now but was wondering if I can have it done automatically?


Does anyone know where I can get career stickers? Like about biology or journalism? I'm looking to decorate my notebooks this year.

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Aspirin for heart attacks

What made the first researchers on using aspirin for heart attacks think of trying it? It seems like a completely left field thing that could only be discovered by accident...

And while I'm here, where did the expression "out of left field", for something unexpected come from?

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My mom and I were on our way home and somehow ended up talking about teachers she's had i nthe past and was surprised she remembered so many of them. So, my question is this: How many of your previous teachers can you remember?

I can remember just about ever teacher from 3rd grade to now, with the exception of my 7th grade English and math teachers. I can remember their faces, but not their names.

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This is an odd question, but anyway......
If you left your mobile phone/cell on a windowsill & a HUGE spider got in & sat on it & you wanted to pick it up, what would you do?
Heh, I'm odd.
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Halloween 2008

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And my otehr question:
Say you were working at a job you loved. You feel like the other employees are your family, your boss is great and easy to get along with, and you love your work. Now the only thing keeping you from advancing in your career there and getting a fatter paycheck (and possibly going on salary, not being paid by the hour) is the fact that you're only eighteen and the only requirement keeping you from getting that position is your age (and legally, they can't change it). You don't want to stay at the same pay ($7.5/hour) for another three years. At the moment you're taking a year off before you head into college.

Would you quit your job and find a place that will pay you more because you're 18 and an adult, and thus you can also afford your own place, or stay at your job for three more years at the same pay?
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