September 9th, 2004

tank girl

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Whats the quote that goes "Till you've lost everything"..?
Or any other quotes that fit?

Okay..I'm tracking a package on Fedex and it says:

Sep 9, 2004 8:39 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery

So it's already in my borough..But it also says the Estimated Delivery date is tomorrow. Will I get the package today or tomorrow?
TO: Pavlov's Dwight

Here are my questions....

Why are there so many questions about hickeys lately?

Do we have a moderator who can create some memories entries for some frequently asked questions?

When you joined this community, did you scroll back a month or two to see what questions had been asked already?

Apologies in advance if this seems to be flame-baiting, because I'm honestly curious.
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leave your turntable on

I was denied of...

I always wanted a treehouse as a kid. My brother and I used to beg our parents for one. We even said we were going to build one ourselves when my brother got a tool set with a real saw, hammer, and nails.

We never got it, nor did we ever build it.

What things did you want as a kid that you never got?
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Please answer. It's for a class.

You answer these questions by giving the homophones out of these set of phrases. Do you think you know? Please answer.

Example question --

Evil armed forces?

Answer: Malicious, Militias. They both sound alike. Since malicious is another meaning for evil, and militias is another name for armed forces, they match up.

Now for the questions --Collapse )
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Does water ever taste funny to any of you? Or do you get tired of drinking water? There are times when I drink water and it doesn't really quench my thirst. Is it just me?

I try ice water and it's good for a while. But again it's boring and tasteless... to a point where I feel sick of it. yeah I know I am strange... but am I alone? :>

And what do you drink to meet the "consume adequate water each day - 8 glasses of water a day" rule?
for good

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This is a rather embarassing opening question, I suppose, but...

I have the nastiest foot odour ever, as it's Orientation Week at my university, and I'm an Orienation Leader, and I've been on my feet all day for about 6 days. Does anybody know any good home remedies for this that wouldn't require me to buy much? Myself and the people around me thank you in advance. :D

Not a flame baiter, I'm just curious.

I grew up in an agnostic home, where religion was not a part of our upbringing, but it was neither admired nor looked down upon. So, I have a question for those out there who are monotheists, although it’s really about prayer, so I suppose it’s to anyone who prays.

A great deal of prayer is to communicate with your diety, right? But if you already have desires or need help or guidance in some kind of problem you’re having in your life, why must you vocalize it? Logically, wouldn’t your diety already know what you’re thinking and thus would render the activity of prayer not neccessary? Or is prayer more for your peace of mind?

Again, not trying to start a flame war. I’m just curious.
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Your favorite love/romantic songs?

Read a good book lately? Why'd you like it?

and one more:
If you can't get to sleep at night, what do you do? How do you fall asleep? (Especially if you're exausted and know you must wake early)
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