September 7th, 2004


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Why is Nicole Richie white?

I know she was adopted. But her biological father was half black, half mexican. And her mother was black, aparently.

I don't really care what race she is, but the fact that google is telling me that she's black/mexican/puerto rican/whatever is freaking out, man. I'm just curious.

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Why is my left eyelid twitching? Is it just because I'm not wearing my reading glasses (they died), or could it be something else? It's been happening for a week, getting worse to the point where I can't concentrate in work. I've skipped wearing my glasses before, and this never happened.

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Does anyone know where I can find:

a). A program which can analyse MIDI files and give out sheet music for them? I know you can get one from somewhere, but I just don't know what to search for...
b). Sheet music for REM's "Everybody Hurts"?

Also - I'm trying to burn some WAV files of my voice onto a CD, and it doesn't seem to want to work. Any suggestions? I'm using Nero, and the error is kind of generic - it just says "burn process failed."

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Why do my feet stink?
I mean, yeah, feet smell bad. but this is rancid, like gym socks worn for past 4 days rancid, and i cannot for the life of me determine why.
I recently started college, but I wear flipflops in the showers, and they don't itch so it's not something like that.
I'm not wearing shoes/socks/sandals any more or less often than before...
Edit: I also just recently got off antibiotics. I don't think it would have an effect, but, whatever.

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I am doing a project for school. For this project I have a cardboard box with sticker tape covering it. Around it, I'm making a celtic knot out of clay. The question is, will I be able to put this in the oven so it can harden and I can cut the box from it? Will it catch fire? If I can't put the ox in, what can I do?

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I am a 19-year-old student at Indiana University Bloomington with a couple of questions:

How should I approach a girl whom I am interested in going out with?

How should I attempt to lose my virginity?
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r brite

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Is there any foods that you get embarissed when people know you eat it?

eg. I dont like telling people that im eating prunes. I love them (obviosuly cant eat too much because of the effects).. but i feel dirty saying it.. because of the poo assosciation.. does anyone understand?


i'm connected to my school's network & so, when i open itunes, i can stream and listen to everybody (who's plugged into the network & has itunes) elses music. when i open up preferences in itunes, i can also see the # of people who are listening to my music.
does anyone know though if there's a way to see who is connected to my itunes and/or what songs they're listening to?

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Do you buy the same kind of batteries every time? (Basic AA's, I mean.) If so, what kind?

What do you think is the best brand (and type?) of battery?

(I always get Duracell's, no idea why. Especially since I'm starting to suspect they don't work terribly well.)
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Pushing the Envelope

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When people ask a question like "What movies/books/CDs would you take to a desert island", do you take into account the situation — like something that's not boring, because you'll have to read it a lot, or something that would cheer you up, etc. Or do you just take it as "what are your favorites?"

And …

What five albums, and what five books would you take?