September 6th, 2004

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I am downloading oh, so many TV show theme songs. New, old, cartoon, shows. I've run out of places to look and TV shows to look for. So, I've come to you guys for any help. :) What are/were your favorite TV shows and cartoons, your favorite theme songs and where can I find more places to download theme songs from them?. :)
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Does anyone know where I can find a site that gives me a world map, and people can add where they live on it? I wanna post it on a messageboard so people can click on, say, Los Angeles or Sydney and have a little dot there which signifies there's someone living there.

Did that even make sense?
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is there something i can eat, such as garlic, that would make me less appetizing to mosquitos?

i have so many bites - i even got one on my eyelid last night - and both of my roommates only have one. what makes me so prone?
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If you were limited to food from only one continent's cuisine for the rest of your life, which would you pick? How about only from one country? Why? What would you miss most about other food?

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For what reasons do people make their journal freinds only?
If you came across a journal with an interesting bio, nice "friends only" banner etc., would you bother to "comment to be added"?

Also, could someone please recommend a free spyware removal program that actually works?
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Ironing Boards?

What would be a good way to improvise an ironing board out of typical house furniture? I don't want to buy one, because I don't have that many clothes that need ironing, and I really don't have that much room to store things like that in.

Are tables good? What kind of protective surface should be under what I'm ironing? Thanks for any help.
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I just downloaded a bittorrent of a game I want to test before I buy it, and now that I have the file I'm not entirely sure what to do with it.

It was a .7Z file, so I unzipped it with 7-Zip, and now it's an .ISO file.  Burning it directly to a CD made my Playstation (PS1, chipped) freeze on the loadup screen, so I'm wondering if I either burned it incorrectly or if it's a corrupt file?

Any ideas?
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First, quick update on this: Went to the hospital, and after all my worrying it just turned out I'd pulled something awful in my back. They gave me five days' worth of Naproxen and Flexarol and I'm feeling much better.

Now, question: I need resources on lawyers and how the process of hiring a laywer all the way up through the court date works, the more detailed the better. I'm looking for both the modern practice in America and what the practice would have been like in England around 1900. Anyone have any idea where I could find anything like this, either online of in books?
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How many bras do you own? I mean bras that you wear regularly every week, not special occasion bras like sexy lingerie ones or strapless ones for certain dresses.

I ask because even though I have nine that I wear regularly, I always feel like I am having to do laundry because I don't have a clean bra. I am tempted to buy more.
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Just so you know this question is for something I'm writing, not anything I plan on doing.

If you were to drill a hole in your head and then sew it back up, would your hair grow back over it? Would it just not grow in the places where the scars were (from the stitches)?

To get an idea of what kind of scar it would leave see this webpage. I saw a page where a woman had done it and later she had long hair that I assumed covered it, but the pictures were black and white and crappy so I couldn't see it very well.
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Is there a way to disable an ABS systems so that it's just regular brakes?  I hate the way it gets all loose and makes that creepy farting noise and feels like there are no brakes at all... and I'm hoping I can just switch something off instead of having a whole new brake system put in. 

It's a '93 Explorer if that helps.
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And another one ...

We have an infestation of small, reddish flies.  They're about the size of fleas, pretty slow (as in, easy to swat or bat aside) and they're EVERYWHERE.

We figured they were in the trash, so were very careful for a week or so with making sure there was no food lying around, took out the trash every day, etc. and eventually they went away.  They came back with a vengance a few days ago, and my housemate realized they were actually breeding in a bucket of paper mache she'd been using to make a costume.  She threw it out, but the flies are still everywhere and they're driving us crazy.

Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of them with household items?  We'd like to not have to resort to poisons if we can; one website suggested basil.  Any help?
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MP3 Player

I have an MP3 player that offers 64MB of space. I was transferring some of my songs onto the player and when I had about 15 songs, it ran out of space. Aren't MP3 players supposed to hold hundreds of files?

I know some of my files are several megabytes in size. What do I do?

(I hope asking this question isn't considered "inappropriate" because of the legal issues surrounding downloading. In Canada, it's not illegal to download, but to share files from what I know)