September 5th, 2004


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Its 1:03am and I'm gettin a series of prank calls from some group of most likely teenagers, and its actually driving me nuts. Well, not really what they are saying, but the entire house cant fall asleep cause the phone is ringing over and over again for me. We have Caller ID and it says private caller, and we cant trace it with *69, so what do we do? How can I block the call or figure out where its coming from?
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

Am I just too funny?

Well, that's not actually my question, but so few people put good subjects on the posts here...

Anyone think I'm too over the top or disagree with me? Even though I despise timed debates, my opponents using profanity is nice, extra words take up extra time while not really changing their point. That reminds me of that "debate" we had in English class in high school... if you interrupted someone, they got extra time... what was to stop us from just continually interrupting? What will they do with their infinite bonus time once class is over?

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And, just so we're all clear, the part about me not having my contacts in is not debatable, I am 100% sure that I couldn't read the door from my chair. :)
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I got bored with my layout and with the help of a friend learned how to change it, armed with some knowledge of photoshop and a love for David Bowie's music i set forth to make a Bowie layout for the hell of it. I critique my own work and i always fear ppl i know just tell me its good because its me, so i guess my question is what do you think of my david bowie layout ?
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I heard a song on the radio, I'm guessing it's fairly new. All I remember is it's a girl singing "It's the last thing that I need right now, someone to bring me down.." and that's all I remember. Anyone know what song it is?

I have a friends list question...

I have a friend that I want to add to my friends list, but I only want him to be able to view future entries, and none of the others. How do I do that?

I tried to create friends groups. One is called 'Nick' and the other is called 'Everyone else', and when I look back at entries and see who by default can see it, it's all the groups, so it seems like I'd have to go through every stupid entry and change the security levels.

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What things were you taught in school that were total nonsense?
I'm 21, in the UK, in school I was taught that men have one less rib then women, stars are far away planets, and don't get me started on the 'girl talk' they gave us.

Piercing question

I've never had anything pierced before. I'm finally looking into getting my lobes pierced, but I don't know what to look for.

I've heard that professional studios (with sterilized needles) are more sanitary and healthier in the long run. However, if I'm just getting my lobes pierced, how bad would it be to go to the mall and get it done in a small store/kiosk with a piercing gun? I know it would be pricier at a studio, but about how much would the price differ? Also, how much of a healing time is needed before you can remove the jewelry?
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Color cravings...?

I was at the mall earlier and I get this weird craving for something purple. Yes, something purple. Cue my brain going, "ooooooh...puuuuurple... @_@" Purple things jumped out at me like they were glowing. No specifics, just purple. I wanted purple. I dragged my mom to Five Continents and CVS looking for something purple, and finally ended up picking up a bag of Wild Berry Skittles. It made me happy.

Now I ask you: what the hell was that? I've never had a craving for a color before, so you can imagine how fucked up that was. Is that normal, or remotely understandable? I have no idea where it came from, but I felt like I needed purple. Can anyone explain this? *hugs her bag of Skittles*
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I have a survey I was hoping you could fill out. It's for research on attraction across cultures - what makes one person attractive and another not? Is this similar across cultures? Are there features that are attractive regardless of culture? Are there culturally-defined features of attraction?

You need to answer the following survey of 9 questions (it shouldn't take too long). Please try to answer as honestly as possible. Once you're finished, go back and re-do the survey, only this time pretend you're someone from another culture - you don't need to write down what culture, as long as you think of one that is different from your own. Try to think of how you would feel if you lived in that culture, and note down your responses.

Thanks for your help :)

1. My ideal partner would be
a. More than 2 centimetres (about 1 inch) taller than me
b. 1-2 centimetres taller than me
c. exactly the same height as me
d. More than 2 centimetres shorter than me
e. 1-2 centimetres shorter than me

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Legal Question

I'll definitely be asking my lawyer about this, but I was wondering if anyone knew this off the top of their head.

I am Canadian, and was convicted of possession of marijuana under 30 grams when I was 15. I am now 20 and want to go to New York by plane. Can US Customs/Immigration look into my youth record when it comes to drug offences, and if they can, is it likely that they will not allow me into the country?

As a add-on, do you support the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana, or would you like tougher laws? Or would you like it to stay the same?


what would you do if you saw drugs being dealt on Campus...mostly to 15 - 16yr olds.
We have a no tolerance rule to do with drugs, but they never do it while the tutors are around...and most of the time they come back after lunch stoned.
My campus is alternative education, 30 kids total... so its not like normal school.
I wanna say something but they will probably know its me who narked because im one of the only ones who doesnt smoke.

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What is/was the name of your favorite stuffed animal and what does/did it look like?

Mine is a tiny blue teddy bear that I've had since I was a baby. He has the most unoriginal name in the world: Blue Bear. But I love him to death :D What about yours?

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I have mild type 2 diabetes. I don't need insulin, and can control my blood sugar with diet, exercise, and medicine alone. I also have no health complications as a result of it.

To those of you who might know, in the United States (where I live), what within the fields of aviation and military service can I still do? Does it affect my eligibility for the draft?

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Do any of you know of a reliable website that offers free ringtones? (Preferably one that offers tones for Sony Ericsson phones)

Why, specifically, is Donnie Darko considered to be so great?

Do any of you regret going/no going to your high school prom?

Finally, how many of you hand-wash your clothes?
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