September 3rd, 2004

blue storm

so... what you going to do with your life?

how do you feel about being asked, "what are you going to do now that you've graduated" "where do you see yourself going" "what do you want to do with your life?" etc. how do you answer those questions? have you been able to answer with confidence? if so, how did you get to that point? did you end up doing what you said you would? if so, was it what you expected?

i want your life stories people. ;)
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(no subject)

Which, in your opinion, is worse?

Having somebody over until 3am doing absolutely nothing but talking, or bringing your mothers laptop into the bathroom and looking at porn?

Edit: Sorry for being so vague. Let's say your a mother, which would be worse in your mind?
  • kit_n

Tuberculosis Testing

I got a TB test last friday, and I got it checked out on Monday. I developed a red rash on my forearm (where they took the test) and when I went back on Monday the nurse said, "Well, I GUESS you're clear to go."

Since then it's been getting slightly redder and bigger. It's about a half an inch big (which I guess in the rash world isn't big but still). It itches sometimes and it's REALLY sore when you press on it. I've had a slight tinge in my throat but no coughing. It could be just dust or pollen or something.

Could it just be an allergic reaction? I've gotten them done before and never had a reaction like this. I did spend the summer all over Europe and on a Tall Ship (where people from all over the world were present and I live with them for 3 weeks in the middle of the ocean).

What do you think?
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(no subject)

If you lived in the southeast(like I do) and you were turning 20 in October(like I am), what would you do for your(ok, mine) birthday?

Right now Im debating between hiring a transvestite hooker or just staying home and getting drunk.
The concerts in the surrounding area (according to ticketmaster) are just not looking all that appetizing. Would the beach be too cold in late october?

(no subject)

Has anyone ever felt uncomfortable in their own skin? Not like, hating yuorself, but maybe your on a cough, and not comfortable, and yu move every three seconds, but its like, the feeling of your body being attatched to you just sucks?

Did that make any sense?
tank girl

(no subject)

Does anyone know of any movie with cartoon penguins in it? Am I just imagining that there was one? O.o

Also..Anyone know of any online piano websites?
I used to play..then didn't for three years. Luckily it's like riding a bike so I remember how read, where my fingers go..etc. But now that I don't have a teacher and would like to start up or something again..I need some guidence. Maybe places that offer sheet music or free classes or whatnot? there such a website where you put in what food you have and it'll give you recipies? I know there are sites for alcohol..but actual food?

Thank you.
fight club

(no subject)

I dont really know why, but everything in my dorm is like damp. My cereal is kinda soggy, my clothes have a damp feel to them, etc. I think it could be due to our horribly functioning air conditioning system, but im not sure. Our room is freezing cold, but still damp. And I would really like to do something about it. Any ideas? How can you make a room less humid/damp?

(no subject)

how legal is a postdated contract?
I'm supposed to sign a waiver for my loft- kindof "I know I built my own loft, that makes it my fault if it collapses so i promise not to sue the university, and i acknowledge that I need to meet certain minimum safety guidelines." I don't turn 18 for another few weeks, and I likely won't see my parents until well after that. I was supposed to take the waiver with me last weekend to have my mother sign it, but I forgot.
So, just now I signed it for myself and dated it with my birthday. Signed of my own free will and all... how binding is the waiver, both now and in three weeks when it's signed and I'm 18 but the date is a lie?

(Not that I would sue if it collapsed or I fell out- that'd be my own damn fault. I'm just curious.)
abby genius

For all you student-types. . .

I have to prepare a budget of my typical expenses in a variety of categories so that I can apply for a work-study job at my university (jobs that are set aside specifically for students who already have student loans, to give them a bit more income). Thing is, when I buy stuff, it all goes under a weekly budget, not really specific to which of their categories it fits under.

So all you students. . . if you could let me know approximately how much you spend monthly on the following things (and specify the currency you're using), that would be great. . .

-personal items

(I've already got a good idea for utilities, local transportation and trips home, but any of the above that you can provide on is great).

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(no subject)

Does anyone know of anything similar to Favorites anywhere?
I need somewhere to keep my links so I don't have to be stuck without my links if I'm not on my own PC, but I add to my favorites all the time so it's too much to upload them one by one such as onto web space etc. Any suggestions?

(no subject)

Does anyone know what the program "uncanny.exe" does/is? I googled it and didn't come up with anything, so I thought that I'd try here! :D

It was created today, and is apparently a DOS program (I suspect that it's a virus or worm, but I wanted to find out for sure before I nuke it).

I'm not sure whether it matters or not, but I'm running Windows 2000 on this computer, the file popped up in C:\WINNT, and I've only just recently gotten over a nasty WORM_SDBOT.HU infection.

Any ideas?

Edit: My web browser is Firefox, so it's probably not an IE problem.
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leave your turntable on

(no subject)

Where can I buy a blank journal with unlined pages? I know they're availble at bookstores, but I need something that's under $10 and has about 100 pages.

What was the last picture you saved to your hard drive or to a disk?
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I'm such a klutz

I just dropped my cell phone in the damn toilet while it was turned on. I searched frantically on websites as to what I should do. I have now taken my phone apart and I am drying it out. Has this ever happened to any of you? If so, what did you do and was your phone functional afterwards? (please say yes to that last question)