September 2nd, 2004


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With school starting in under a weekm I'm hosting the "Ultimate Girls Night In" this evening, and aside from Chick Flicks and cookie dough icecream, what should I get? I'm on a tight budget, and I dont have access to many stores... There will be anywhere from 3 to 10 girls, ages 15-17, who arent really girly girls.. Thanks friends.
Me--State Fair

10 questions?

I have to write ten interview questions for my French class tomorrow. Two in the past tense, two in the future tense. Any suggestions?

I'm in Intermediate French, so nothing horribly complex.
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Hey guys I have a friend sitting next to me with 2 hickeys, does anyone have a cure? Or a way to make them go away? Thanks guys.

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Me--State Fair

moving and services

I'm moving in December, I ended my relationship last month and I am sticking around to finish this semester of school and so he can get on his feet. (argh.)

Anyway, I am wanting to start a bank account, get an eye exam, go to Planned Parenthood. Would it be better to do those things here, where I am, which is two hours away from where I am moving to, or to drive over and do them there? I don't care either way, but I don't know which to do.
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Three Questions:

I have a HUGE bruise on my right shin. Is there any way to make it go away faster, or make it not so noticable? (Also, I seem to bruise extremely easily. Is there anything I can do? And don't say stop running into things.)

Are there any types of alarm clocks that wake you up? Always? Where from? I've gone through radio, the *irrr, irr*, *ring, ring*, and a bunch of others. Sometimes they're work for a little while,but eventually I'll start ignoring them, or be thinking that the alarm is going off in my dream and ignore it, or the sound will work its noise into my dream.

Any generally inexpensive hobbies I can get into? My s/o is living in NY now, and the only way I can get out of missing him constantly is by doing something, so any ideas?
unfortunate events

street harrassment

This question mostly applies to women, but if a guy can answer this then by all means do. What's the most annoying, offensive, disgusting, creepy, or just plain childish way you've ever been harrassed on the street?

I don't have any horror stories, but at least once a week, some guy outside the train station downtown will call out to me, "Hey, Red! What's your name?" The worst thing ever though, was when this guy walked past me, stopped to stare at my chest, and then yelled, "damn, look at those tig old bitties."

Some people are so clever. *sarcasm* Anyhow, what're your stories?

Oh, and have you ever had the opportunity to shut these guys up?
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when we sparkle

public toilets!

What sorts of illnesses can you catch from sitting on a public toilet without covering the seat?

Have you ever talked to the people in other stalls?

Do you actually use the seat covers?

Do you turn on the blow dryer so people can't hear you pee?

See how dorm life is warping my mind...
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Halloween 2008

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Is the song "They" by Jem from the soundtracks of any recent movies? I downloaded it at random today and I know I've heard it before, but not sure where. Anyone heard it before? Where, aside from the cd or a friend.

It's okay, I'm with the band.

I'm friends with a few guys in a few pretty notable bands, I'm not a groupie, I'm just friends with them. The problem, you see, is that my boyfriend gets extremely annoyed that we talk. One of the bands is coming into town when he is going to be out of town and he keeps asking questions like, "Are you going to hang out with them?" "Can you call me when the concert is over?" "Who are you going with?"

What should I do? Should he be that concerned?

ohhhhh boy.

Is there any way to get social services/police to bring back someone who's run away if they're 18 but still supposed to attend high school? This is in extreme concern of the person's well-being and safety, not to mention the person's mental condition.
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Halloween 2008

Sexual terms/slang

Guys/girls: Is there a term that people throw around that you feel is either distasteful, rude, or downright offensive? Why?

I can't stand the words pussy or coochie. I find the words offensive and incredibly repulsive, and degrading. It just makes me think of a trashy prostitute.