September 1st, 2004


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1/ Why is it call "my 2 cents"?

2/ Where did the term buck, dough come from? (money-wise)

3/ Was Bush really a cheerleader in high school/college?

4/ "Make like __________, and split", What's in the blank? Somehow my brain just lost the word.

5/ *editted* Does John Kerry's wife really own Heinz's Ketchup?
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Make Up Tips for the eyes?

While my left double eye lid is well defined, the double lid on my right eye can barely be seen. It really looks as if my left eye is bigger than my right :/

Putting on eyeshadow is a pain because I can barely put any eyeshadow on the almost non-existent crease of my right eye. Does anybody have any make-up tips to makes my eyes look more symmetrical?

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Can anyone suggest some good road trip music, either individual songs or full albums? No rap and no old country (new country's fine though). I've got 20 odd hours of driving to do this weekend, I'm going to need a lot!

Thanks a bunch!
~ Kay.
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I know that LJ questions are usually not posted here but this one is a little different

Has anyone ever had comments from an entry simply vanish? I had a post in which there were around 20 comments and now they are all gone... anyone ever had this happen?
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I'm really not a stickler for spelling, especially since I'm really not that good at it myself.

But why the hell does everyone all over the internet spell ridiculous "rediculous"? It's like this horrible spreading thing thats going on.

I've told my boyfriend a hundered times and he does it too!

Am I missing something? Is this an internet trend or something?

I just don't understand.

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i'm trying out for key club tomorrow...
it'd really like to be in it
but i was just told that during the interview
you have to entertain them with a talent you have.
my talents that i can think of revolve around sports.

do you have any weird talents?
i need ideas.

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Ok, I know this is a really weird way to do this and probably totally against the rules but just humor me...

Awhile back, someone mentioned that they were going to go to St. John's College in Annapolis. I was just wondering if they were still going or if they changed their mind. I'm here now and so I'm curious. Also, is anyone else going here? Just thought it'd be cool to find connections like that...Sorry for this question, I know it's probably a little too personalized. It won't happen again, I promise.
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Do you think that people who do not take their children to doctors because it is against their religious beliefs to do so should be charged with murder if their child dies from a potentially curable illness?

Where do you think a person's right to practice their religion ends and their obligations to preserve their child's life by any means necessary begins?

Should the government hold someone liable when they truly believe in the power of prayer, and if "it is god's will" that people should die?

Opinions? Discussions?


I hate cuddling. So everytime my boyfriend and I have sex, afterwards he wants to hold me, but I hate it. I feel so smothered. Then after I've very slowly and stealthily maneuvered my way out of his arms, he's hurt. It's nothing against him, I just hate being held! Same goes for when we try to sleep and he's got me seat-belted in.

How do I deal with this? Or explain to him so he understands? Is it just me?
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Are you good at keeping eye contact with people?

When a quiet member of the opposite sex keeps eye contact whenever they talk to you (even if you don't know them all that well), how should you take it?

Especially when they do it in such a manner that you have to ask a community about it. o.O
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I have a urinary tract infection that I'm on antibiotics for, yet the pain is not going away and it's driving me insane. Any remedies, tips, or ideas? I haven't been sick like this in years.

(The most embarrassing part is when I called my mom and asked her what I should do, she asked me if I have a new boyfriend. I told her yes, and she said stop having so much sex! Coming from a mother who never discussed sexuality with me growing up, I was a little stunned. She just laughed and said that that was most likely the cause. Ugh...)
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My boyfriend and I will both be 18 next spring break, and our spring breaks are at the same time (I'm in college, he's in high school... I graduated early). My mind is always stuck on the future, so now I can't stop thinking about where I want to go.

We have a car, and I work full time so money isn't too much of a problem. We're very outdoorsy (camping, hiking, canoing, etc), and we'd both be miserable at places like Cancun or Myrtle Beach. So, knowing that stuff, can anybody recommend some cool places/things (in the US) that we should check out? Anything we should avoid?


This is a very odd question, but anyway.....

Is American High School really like all the teenage programmes or films? With the lockers in the corridors & those desks attached to chairs? Do all schools have a football field & such? Can anyone tell me about High School in the US? Please?

Yeah, I'm curious.
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