August 31st, 2004

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I just dowmlaoded a bunch of songs off of a website. The songs play fine, but when I try to transfer them from real player(which I never use) to Windows Media Player, it won't allow me to. In the past I have been able to transfer other songs that I downloaded except I got them from Kazaa...I got these songs from a fan website. Can anyone please tell me if there is a way that I could get these songs on to Windows Media Player so that I can burn them onto a cd??
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Best song cover you ever heard? Why? Was it because of the band themselves, or they just put a new spin on an old favorite?

I like New Found glory's version The Turtles' "So Happy Together." It's a fresh version of my s/o's and my song. And I also like Ben Harper's remake of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." I've always loved the song, and it was perfectly done.

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Are you an optimist or pessimist? Why?

Me? I'm an Optimist because optimism generally sends out good vibes to everyone around you. People seem to like that. I always believed good could come out of bad, whether you have to make it so yourself or not.
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Mapmakers For Interactive Fiction

Hello again, folks...

I was wondering if anyone knows where to find some decent mapmaking freeware to be used in conjunction with interactive fiction/adventure games like ZORK and ADVENT, and similar games?

Also does anyone know of an archive containing ONLY Z-code (.Z5 preferably) interactive fiction? I'm on an interactive fiction spree at the moment. :)


photoshop question

How do I make a silhouette in Photoshop?

Let's say I have a picture of a guy dancing in the park but all I want is a silhouette of the guy dancing. How can I cut his image out of the picture? I think I already know how to make it black or whatever color I want.
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Okay. I have a silly, common-knowledge question, so common knolegde that I've been unable to find it online. The reason I don't know the answer here is due to homeschooling in high school and then going to art school where we didn't need them, but as I'm gearing up for a "real college" next year...

What is the max score on the SAT's? For each part? Do colleges only look at the combined score, or at each individual part? Does taking them later than high school impact the way they look at your grades/chances at a scholarship? (I'll be 23 by the time I take them in October.)

Also: Does anyone know where I can find Sunday-newspaper style crosswords online? Either printable ones or fill-in-online ones will work.

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- So what exactly makes a song a ballad, opposed to something else?

- Why do zippers have a YKK on them?

- How many boards could the Mongol hoardes hoarde if the Mongol hoardes got bored?
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Whats up with gmail? What is it? Why do you have to be invited to get an account? Why are people willing to do so much to get one? How did it ever get started if everyone who has an account had to be invited?
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My Insufficient Funds Charges are through the roof!

I’ve heard of people talking to their bank and getting them dismissed [only with valid reasons, though]
Who would I need to talk to at my bank to do this?

Please Help! Or my father is going to eat me alive …
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