August 30th, 2004


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Does anyone know if Elvis Costello has ties to the Hudson Valley, NY area at all?

I can't seem to figure out why his CD's are in the "Local" section in FYE, and why he always plays at our crappy fair.
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Strange request:
Can you think of any songs that don't use the English subjunctive when it should?

For example:
"I'd be safe and warm if I was in LA" (should be "if I were")
"What if God was one of us?" (should be "if God were")

Basically, any song that uses "was" when you should use "were." (Usually after "if")

I'm making a mix.

Thank you!
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Screensaver Phobia

I am trying to look for a screensaver which I had downloaded about a year ago for somebody. I believed the file name is phobia. It basically has a black back ground with definitions of different types of phobias in red, goth-style characters appearing one after another. Anybody know where I can find the file?

Yes, I know google is my friend. However, I don't have a lot of success and right now I don't have a lot of time to plough through a zillion free screensaver sites to look for what I want. So I wonder by any chance if anybody know where the file is off hand (long shot, I know)before I start going through some of the sites.
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Horseback riding!

Is it possible for 2 people to ride a bareback horse? That is, both on same horse. Bridle, just no saddle. Combined weight of humans, I guess maybe 350 lbs max.

If so, how would they get on said horse? Anything else they would need to know, to be able to stay on?

Many thanks!

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have you ever been in the midst of a major depression? have you ever seriously considered suicide? if so, how have you gotten yourself out of the rut?

just looking for some insight, sorry if this is too personal.

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I was watching a rerun episode of the Ellen Degeneres shw, and it was the episode right after the x-mas holidays. Steve Martin was the guest, and as hilarious as he was, Ellen asked him how is holidays when (x-mas and the new year) and everyone in the audience laughed and laughed and he rolled his eyes, and yadda yadda....

So, what exactly happened to Steve Martin at christmas?

Quick question...

Concerning dieting/exercising communities here on LJ:

Can someone recommend a good one (or a few good ones)?

Stuff I am NOT looking for:

* people who post and only whine about how fat they are

* anything to do with anorexia/bulemia

* communities full of whiney girls who bitch that they're "too fat" when they're 5'7" and 120 lbs.

Basically, a good community whose standards, posts, and whose members' weight-loss goals are realistic.

Preferably an active community, of course. :)

Thanks in advance!
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What does Bush mean when he says that we are "in a changing economy, a different economy"?

Do you think that Kerry will be better or at least equal to Bush's job on preventing future terrorist attacks?
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tinyurl, snipurl - I don't like them, but am I alone?

I have been finding that lately a lot of people make use of the likes of tinyurl when they give links out. Now, of course, sometimes links can be ridiculously long, so I can see the merit in the idea. What I don't like is the fact that I am expected to click on a url, and I may have no indication of what that site is, or is even about. I like to know the destination of my clicks before I click them!
What are your thoughts?
Am I simply being pedantic?
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Pie time

Does Hostess sill make lemon fruit pies? I've always had problems finding them because it seems the majority prefers apple and cherry, but now I think they're extinct. If they are tis a great tragedy cuz no one does them quite the same. If not, do you want to send me one?

Why are so many adults under the false impression that midnight=12PM and noon=12AM?
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creepy guys

Scenario 1:
I use to work with this guy who was a tech at my company. He has a sleeze vibe to him and had mood swings. He'd be nice with you one day then suddenly be defensive and paranoid if you tried to talk to him. Also, he was always breaking the security rules of the company by helping people install instant messaging programs. He was kinduva crappy tech, but he did seem to know a lot of obscure, hacker info. I've been seeing him on AIM. Should I send him an IM? I'm scared, yet I'm nosey.

Scenario 2:
I met this other guy through a friend who moved out of the country. This guy seemed nice so we hung out for a little bit. Now he seems annoying -- the kind of guy that latches onto you and call you all day. Not only does he latch on, but he has the most stupidest, annoying conversations. He went out of town in April and just got back. He's been calling me for a couple weeks. Should I call him back as a courtesy? or not call him and hope he stops... forever?

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2 questions:
one, I have windows xp and microsoft works word processor- is there a way for me to reset the default settings for a page? it automatically starts at size 10 font with 1.25 inch side margins, and all my papers are supposed to be 12 with 1 inch margins.

two, is it possible to get a hickey on one's penis? my girlfriend's boyfriend claims she gave him one, and she's not sure if she should believe him until she sees it.

Okay, more questions. Speaking of hickeys- I couldn't sleep at all last night and was up till two. Might that have caused it to look like i have light hickeys on my eyelids(like, including up to my eyebrows)? no-one's said anything, so I guess it isn't very noticeable, but I think it looks weird.

In windows xp, when something dies, you can send in an error report... When, say, firefox or some other non-microsoft program sends in an error report, do the people in charge even care? what do they do with it?
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I've already checked and here's my question...

In my Lit AP class we would read a Shakespeare play while listening to the audio tape of the book. We always used the New Folger Library editions. I'm now having to read Richard III for my lit course in college and I want to buy the audio version to help me along. But I can't seem to find it. Anybody know where I can purchase it online? Preferably in CD format, but cassette will work as well.
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Of whom am I thinking?

British comedic sci-fi writer. Name is something like Tom or Tim. Wrote one book about the Norse gods on modern-day earth with a title that was a bad pun, possibly on the word "Ragnarok." Wrote another one about Phaeton, which I think has "Chariot" on the title.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember his name. Can someone help me?

ADDENDUM, 9:50 PM 8/30/04: It's not Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, or Robert Rankin. I don't think that much of his work has been published in the US.

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For anyone who who is into physics or construction:

Can you think of a way I could construct this -->

in such a way where I could maybe put a pencil or some kind of writing utensil into a spot so it would draw the star? So it would draw on a sheet of paper or chalkboard or something as a compass would draw a circle? I just think it would be a pretty neat thing to construction.

I was thinking an easy, cheap construction would be to find something circular and hollow as the outside circle. And maybe sticking a hollow circle on the outside of a compass, and the side with the pencil will be at the little red dot and just put the smaller circle into the larger one and roll the circle around as it is shown in the picture. Though, I have no idea if that would work, but it would seem right, but I need someone better than me to check if that would be at all correct. Thanks in advance. :)
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Graphite based lubrication for electronics gear?

I can't get a solid answer in any of the electronics or DJ forums I've checked in, so I'm asking here.

Are graphite lubricants safe around electronics? Specifically, upfaders, crossfaders, and pitch sliders on DJ gear. My theory is it would last longer between maintenance sessions than the gun oil I'm using currently, but I don't know if it is safe for the gear, and I spent way too much on it for a random test.