August 28th, 2004

School Spirit Week

You must use a western theme to paint several murals. They're degrading underclassmen and emphasizing the greatness of our seniority. Or unifying all the classes. Or something. But it's gotta be western; comics and television related characters are a relief.

What do you depict on the walls?
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Have you ever used the term "thick" to describe a girl as a compliment?

"That girl is thick."

I remember hearing/using this term in the mid to late '80s but I can't really define WHAT part of the body it refers to, and why being thick is a good thing.

"She's not that cute but she's thick."

The other day I heard someone say this about a guy. What is she referring to?
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(no subject)

I acquired a stack of baseball cards from my brother, and was going through them. I was wondering where I could find the value of these cards online, if there's any one really good website (other than e-bay).

They're assorted teams and makers.
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PS1 problems

Since the speakers for my computer make nasty buzzing noises, I decided to use my PS1 as a CD player yesterday.  Put in a CD (Chinese copy of a Japanese soundtrack) and had no problems.

So today I put in a Japanese CD and it started clicking as it tried to read the disc, then froze at the CD player selection screen.  It did the same with another Japanese disc.

The console is chipped and has been for about three years.  I have absolutely no problems with Japanese games ... is this something anyone else has come up against?
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(no subject)

Our dog is on a daily medication. He took the pills in hamburger for awhile, then figured that out and refuses to eat it now. He subsequently figured out peanut butter sandwiches and mini-donuts. Any suggestions on new foods to fool him?
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masochist mutt

Anyone else ever have this problem?

My dauchshund/terrier mix is five years old this year, and she has the strangest habit. She eats metal - pins, needles, earrings, bobby pins, andything small and metal you can possibly think of. She doesn't ever stick herself with the point of the pin or needle, but she'll gnaw on them for hours. She's done this since she was a pup.

How can I make her stop? Anyone else hear of or have this problem?
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(no subject)

I couldn't see if anyone's already asked this or not, so sorry if you're experiencing deja vu with the following question...

Does anyone know what happened to, and why it disappeared?
It's been gone for a while now, and all I can find are cached echoes on google.

Now i've asked that, here're some generic questions you should all be able to answer;
Why did you first sign up for an online journal/why are you still here?
Do you have more than one journal? If so, why?

Baseball question

Though I suppose it could go for most sports with flying objects, too. It just came up this morning between my mom and me.

When a ball is hit out of the park -- say, somewhere near lots of other property, like Wrigley Field or Pac Bell Park -- and causes damage, who pays for the repairs? Is it the park? Do they take out insurance for this kind of thing? Or does a team pay for the repairs? (And if it’s the team, is the team of the player who hit the ball billed?)
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