August 27th, 2004

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How do you feel about birthdays (your own, that is)?

I always seem to have some sort of mental breakdown on my birthday... anyone else get the same way?

Everybody sing!

What are some songs that everyone (well, everyone in the 18-30 age bracket-ish) should be able to sing along to?

Alternatively, what are songs that demand that you sing along in a really fake exaggerated accent? I'm thinking along the lines of "Blasphemous Rumours" by Depeche Mode.

New and full of Questions...

Greetings i am new to this community. I am 24 in Colorado and love to play in the SCA. I do anything outdoors and ponder questions all the time. This community seems like a good thing. I have a few questions for all who feel like answering.

1. If some one came to you and ofered you a choice of a life a slave in the BDSM life style with a loving and kind Master or the choice to take the gun with one bullet which would you choose? What would be deciding factors? What are your thoughts on BDSM verses death?

2. If all the religions in the world claim they are the right and true way, how can the consumer choose what is correct? How can they all be right if they claim everyone else is completely wrong?

3. If you wanted to take over the world what would you use as an opiet of the masses to get started?

Okay i know they are weird and strange questions but I like to get good and honest answers out of people. Thanks for responding.
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I asked this question before but never got a response. I'm hoping this time someone can give me some guidance.

I have a modern black iron bed that I would like to paint a lighter color. Do I have to sand and prime it? Do I need special paint?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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JAM <3

sleep q's

Now that school has started up again, I'm having trouble adjusting my sleep schedule from summer. During the summer I'd be going to bed around 1am and waking up between 10am and noon. Now with school I have to get up between 6 & 7am, while still going to bed pretty late. I can't go to bed any earlier because no matter how tired I am, I'll lie in bed for at least an hour every night, tossing and turning with thoughts zipping through my head nonstop. I'll think about absolutely anything and everything.. mostly it's of conversations I had that day or how I think a conversation will go the next day. I actually wrote this post word for word in my head last night trying to get to sleep, as with most of my LJ posts. Is there a way that I can make myself stop thinking about stuff, like shut my mind off, so I can just relax and fall asleep?

What helps you get to sleep at night? What helps you wake up in the morning and start the day?
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Can anyone here unwrap a Starbust with their tongue? I can knot a cherry stem with my tongue but have tried and tried to unwrap a Starburst and can't! Can anyone help? Just something to cure my boredom with! ô_o
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In my computer, whenever you enter things like 'subject' or 'email' or 'search', it saves the information in a drop-down menu forever. How do I make it not do that?
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We just got DSL. Most people I know with DSL leave their connection plugged in and keep their computer permanently on sleep. My dad, however, doesn't do this. He unplugs the ethernet cord because he doesn't like that when he leaves it on, it restarts the computer. He also turns off the computer. Will this an any way affect our connection? Already, it's done a few screwy things to our computer. If it will do something negative, how can I convince my dad to stop unplugging the thing?
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blue storm

why gmail?

why do you want a gmail account (if you do)? is it because it's so trendy, that it has to do with google or because it's actually a good email provider? does anyone else think that gmail's popularity is kind of ridiculous? (not trying to insult anyone who likes it; it's your choice!)
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Halloween 2008

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I tried searching on Google but nothing came up.

A few days ago a friend played me a song by a band popular in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.( I don't know their name)

The song she played was mostly in Russian, but occasionally the singers (female) would say "American boys." She explained the lyrics to be that the singers were talking about how American boys are so interesting, and have blue eyes and so on.

Anyone know the band or the song?

double-checking with the doctors...

Is there a mental illness primarily identified by recurring/vivid night terrors, ones that wake you up instantly and have physical side effects? (crying, screaming, hyperventilating....)

I have a character in a story whom I have just "diagnosed" with PSTD. It seems almost perfect, except that he is very outgoing, sociable, and easy to get along with. From what I've read, it seems like people who suffer from PSTD tend to be avoidant/unsociable, and I don't want to contradict, I want to be as realistic as possible....

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Thanks for any and all help! Hope I'm not abusing the use of this community o_o;;;
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