August 26th, 2004


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I’m sure most people here have had chicken pox, and might have an interesting story to go along with it.

Mine is that I was 15/16 (I actually had it ON MY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY), and because unlike everyone else I knew, I didn’t have it when I was a little kid, so when I got back to school, no one believed I’d actually had chicken pox.

So, what’s your chicken pox story?
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Okay, you've seen the JC Penney commercials for the back to school sales, right? The ones where the kids are dancing and there's that creepy cartoon/puppet thing singing?

What is that song they're dancing to? I've had it stuck in my head for like a week and it's driving me crazy!!
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i love the look of "destroyed" jeans, but i cant justify to myself spending 80 bucks on them. so, id like to buy a cheap pair of normal jeans and try it myself. does anyone know of a site or something that explains how i can do it? the look im going for is something like this, which seems more detail oriented then taking a pair of scissors and having a go. i tried google, but i didnt come up with anything helpful.

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You think the Bible...

A. Is word-for-word the truth of actual events as they happened, without variation.

B. Is base for the stories of what might have actually happened, but shouldn't be taken word-for-word.

C. Is just another book about ethics and morals with interesting stories, but not at all the word of God since it's been translated and re-translated through hundreds of languages, centruy after century and was written by white men in Europe who decided what would and wouldn't go into the version we read and would be taught.

D. Should be used to thump the Bible-quoting self-righteous Holy rolling religious nut jobs on the noggin' with a time or two...maybe ten.

E. A good door-stop

F. Fuck it, I subscribe more to The Bastard Son of the Lord Messiah Logs.
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I've been looking for this for a while, but thought I'd throw it in here in case a British reader had a source.

I've been looking for a good image of the door on the front of 10 Downing Street.  It needs to be large enough to see some detail on the door, probably so the door itself is at least 400 pixels tall.

Can anyone find such a photo?
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Let's say you have a 15-year-old daughter. What would your course of action be if your daughter, and four of her friends, sneaked into another friend's house and used his kitchen to bake weed brownies? (The aforementioned house belongs to a family friend, and one of the girls your daughter with is very close to that family and has access to the house.)

If you had a teen, how would you talk to them about marijuana?
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I am rather sick of working two jobs and I would love to quit. Right now, I am working and attending school part time.

Here's my dilemma: I would absolutely love to give up my part time job. However, in order to do that I need to find a source of income from somewhere else. I may very well start a job before long where I will get over $2 more an hour. However, that will cover about half of what I bring in with the part time job.

So, now I am thinking about getting a student loan to supplement my income. Right now, I am very close to burning out from my work and class load.

And, on to my question. How difficult is it to get a student loan? The thing is, I have delinquent accounts, but I know that I owe less than $1000 on all of them. Would the school take that into account?
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What's your weirdest favorite dish??

Mine? I put American cheese on a plate and then straight into the mircowave! I burn it, then eat it. Yes, I like burned cheese!

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DO you think those t-shirt that kids wear these days with the words "Daddy's Little Girl" are meant to be subtly sexual?

It was my understanding that they started off as sexual innuendos, ie "I Like It When You Call Me Big Papa", etc.

A couple people in another community were actually pissed at me for saying that these shirts made kids look like targets for pedophiles (I am guessing they had bought that shirt for their kid, is why) because the saying was a sexual innuendo.
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what exactly does it mean when kazaa says something is "remotely queued"?  will it ever start that download again on its own or is all hope lost?  and what causes something to become remotely queued, especially when it's halfway downloaded already? 
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In what specific genre of music would you classify the White Stripes?

What do you think of the White Stripes?

What sort of music is Death Cab for Cutie? I keep hearing about them but have never heard their music.
Halloween 2008

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I'm flying alone at the end of september, Baltimore, MD (BWI) to Buffalo, NY.

It's my first time flying alone, and my first in-country flight.

Any tips/suggestions?

How early should I arrive at the airport before the departure flight?

Jewish Wedding Question

Do Jewish weddings have to be at sunset?

I have only been to one Jewish wedding, and it was at sunset. We recently moved around the corner from a synagogue (or is it temple), and we always see weddings going on around sunset. So, I'm wondering if they have to be at sunset or if it is just common or if it is a coincidence? If it does have to be at sunset, is teher any particular reason why or just tradition?