August 25th, 2004

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If anyone's read the book Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides, I was just wondering.. Does anyone know why Cal's brother is only referred to as "Chapter Eleven"? Unless I missed something, there was no explanation and I was just curious. I'm pretty sure he was born in the chapter, but that seemed like kind of a lame reason..
The Receptionist Classic

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So I was reading this article about Dave Matthews Band being sued and my co-worker/ex starts this rant about "serves him right... liberal hippie... blah blah blah."

See, he has a tendency to go off about how if they're not Republican or Conservative like him, they also suck as an actor/singer/whatever. He's even thrown out movies because the leading actor is an active democrat ("Shawshank Redemption" used to be one of his favorites, but that Tim Robbins, doncha know, isn't a Right-Wing like he is). So naturally I mouth back with a big fat "who cares? it's just music!" and he gets all huffy and preachy, shitting on me because I stuck my tongue out and turned on "Earl Had To Die" (Dixie Chicks, which I *knew* would piss him off).

Is it just me, or is it completely lame to deem a person talented or not based on their political views?

And any ideas on how to shut this guy up? I've tried duct tape already. That just made him scream...
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Alone [by me]

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1) Based only on the things you know (not your feelings), do you think Kobe Bryant raped that girl, or do you think she's trying to make money off of having sex with someone famous?

2) Do you think her sexual history should be applicable?

3) Do you think sexual history should be admissable in general in rape cases, and what conditions would you put on exploring/using such history in a rape case?
unfortunate events

job search

I just graduated with a bachelors in Journalism Telecommunications, and am trying to look for a job. Do job fairs usually work? What about sites like Monster?
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Ok, this is hard to explain, but ok. I'm making someone a CD, and I want to but the lyrics in a little book that fits in the case, like, how you can buy them. But, I dont know how big or anything, and I want to print it off the computer, so, does anyone have a stencil or anything I could use??

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Since I've owned my current computer and speakers I've lived in 4 different apartments. I just moved into a new one yesterday and today when I hooked everything up I noticed that there's a constant 'hummmm' coming out of my speakers which is a problem I've never had before. They're two normal spaekers with a subwoofer & electrical plug. I've moved wires, etc and nothing makes it stop. There's less noise when I turn my monitor off but unless I unplug their power completely it doesn't stop. I've turned off everything else in the house thinking it could be the air conditioner or something but that's not it. Anyone know what could be the cause? Thanks
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Elemental Charmed


Does anyone have any good challange recommendations for Final Fantasy X? I'm on my fourth time through and I want to start playing some of the challanges out there =)

lj icons

I know i should find a community for icons or something, but when i go to them i get confused and frustrated bc i jsut dont know what to do or what to ask or say. So i thought i would try my luck and jsut see if anyone here could help me with an icon. thank you

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Some random questions just popped into my head, so I figured I'd just ask them

What is your favorite number? Why? Is it the same as your lucky number? If not, what is your lucky number?

Why exactly do we laugh when we find something to be funny? What in your body triggers it?

What are you afraid of that not most other people are afraid of? Vice Versa?
What are you annoyed by that no most other people are annoyed by? Vice versa?

And just because I had an itch on my hand, what causes spontaneous itches on perfectly normal skin?