August 24th, 2004

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atomz? or not.

There was a soft drink (I think it was a soft drink, anyway) that I used to love. I can't remember its name, nor if it's sold anymore.

It was sold in a clear glass bottle, with a sort of /\ shape. The drink was clear, and had little pearl-like round capsules. (Picture tiny little coloured balls) the drink.

I keep thinking it was called Atomz, but I'm probably way off.

Any ideas?


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I have a question about being open-minded.

If I just tolerate and accept, then am I still being open-minded?
Someone told me that if I have to endure or tolerate something, then I'm not really keep my mind open.

What does it mean to be truly open-minded?
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Star Trek Original Series Crew Pic

Where can I find good .JPGs (or any other static format) of the Star Trek Original Series crew in Starfleet uniforms? I'd like to choose one from the original series, not from one of the movies, that includes Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Chekov, Uhura and Sulu all in one picture. Googling gives me way too many hits that lead to many dead ends. I've found a couple but I'm not happy with them. I'd prefer links to one or more actual pictures like I have described, rather than general "check this site out" archive links.


Found driver's license

I found a driver's license.  I thought about mailing it to the address, but what if the person doesn't live there anymore?  I thought about giving it to the police or DMV, but I don't know that they would do anything about it.  Any ideas?


What is the most annoying/obnoxious/irritating thing that people do on LJ? Big things and little trivial things......

I never really get too annoyed, other than at a particular topic of a post or something, but it drives me up a fucking wall when someone posts a hugeass picture, or one of those memes, and doesn't use an LJ cut. It fucks up my friends page and makes it so I have to scroll side-to-side to read it.
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Hypothetically speaking, naturally.

Suppose you've stumbled across a way to get around "the system" (doesn't exactly matter what system), illegally. You know it works because you've tried it, for verification purposes. You want to let the people in charge know about it, so they can prevent the abuse of the system by people not as charitably minded as yourself, but you've been keeping recent circumstances in mind (such as people who sneaked past airline security to prove a point) and can't decide if the possible punishment would be worth it.
What would you do?

Also, what's something that you recently learned that you never noticed before, but now is blatently easy to percieve (and makes you feel like a real ass)...?

I never knew crossword puzzles were symmetrical. *shrug*
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Are you right or left handed?  Do you cross your t's from left to right or right to left?

I've been wondering because lately when I'm bored at work I scribble with my left hand and I've noticed that I cross my t's from left to right with my right hand but from right to left with my left hand.  Like I said, I get bored.
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Everytime I want to view a .bmp or .png file is I get a link to go to one, I get a message to open in a new window saying:

You have chosen to download a file from this location
Open this file from its current location
Save this file to disk

I download Quicktime before and it let me view PNGs. Problem is, IT WAS SO SLOW ;_; Is there any way to fix this?

Is it appropriate to use quotes out of context?

I found the following quote as the start of a chapter in a book about the risks of chemicals in commercial cosmetics, fits in perfectly with what the book is saying, but is it appropriate to use this quote in this context?
Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre but they are more deadly in the long run. -- Mark Twain
The context of this quote was in regards to education, not the hazards of the cosmetics business, it was simply being used as a nice little quote to put at the front of the chapter, is this acceptable?
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On This Day Email

Does anyone know if there is an "on this day in history" free email service or listserv? Basically what I want is an email each day that gives major events that occurred on "this day in history". I'm especially interested in ones that feature scientific and technological breathroughs, 'cos I'm nerdy like that.