August 23rd, 2004

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So, those of you who are over 18...

When you date someone, do you automatically size them up as to whether or not they'd be someone you could marry? If they don't fit your profile, do you continue to date them anyway?
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Why are you up at this hour?

I've been hanging out with a boy all night, and now I'm talking to him online, not to mention the fact I have a class at 9 and I would be in worse shape if I were to go to sleep now than if I pull an all nighter...

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okay, my beloved computer nerds. . . you've helped me once (or more) and now I need it again. I have a distance learning class (well. . . two). and one of them (world history) has chat rooms that we have to participate in, and when I try to get into them, I keep getting something that says I need to download Java Virtual Machine. Where can I go to get it? I'm not seeing it on the microsoft page that it keeps directing me to. . . .

Also, Kristine's comp says her java script needs to be enabled. . . how does she do that?

(and out of curiosity, what is this java stuff?)
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Passports? Help! please

My roommate recently lost her passport and needs a new one asap, since she's leaving for Brazil for a study abroad program.

She has an appointment with the state to get a new one, but she's afraid that it might not come in time. There's these outside agancies that claim to be able to get a passport in one day, but for about double the price. We're a little unsure about that though because it doesn't seem to make sense that these places could get a real passport that fast, when it's not possible to do it yourself with the state.

Has anyone ever gotten their passport through one of these places? Can they be trusted?

One one hand if she does go through the agency she can definitely get one, but then it might not be legitimate. On the other hand, if these places can;t be trusted she may not get one in time to leave! Aaaaaah!

mp3 players

what do you do when your rca mp3 player suddenly stops working? it worked fine for a month, then all of a sudden when i listened to it the songs started skipping - like i was listening to a scratched up CD. i've tried everything i can think of -changed the batter, completly deleted and reuploaded song (different songs files, and with no other computer program running). it doesn't seem to be an issue of at what speed the songs were ripped onto my harddrive, and the mp3 player wasn't dropped or mishandled at every point. it makes me very sad and frustrated. i sent an email to rca, so maybe they'll help me figure something out, but i was just wondering if anyone happened to have any ideas in the meantime. it's too late to just return it.

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For you Brits:

I realize in England or the surrounding jolly good locales that our "Peace" sign is basically flipping the bird in the Great B.

So, do you guys play Rock, Paper, Fuck you, or does it have a slightly more polite name?
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Hi :-)
Bit of a random question, but would really appreciate ANY ideas you have! I've just been elected Publicity Officer for an orchestra at university, and have to come up with some way to encourage all those talented freshers to join us. The orchestra is pretty casual, we don't hold auditions so anyone of moderate ability is welcome, and we play a wide variety of music from classical through musicals/film scores to arrangements of chart music. We hold regular socials, and everyone is pretty friendly, so the posters should really get that across - we're not just stuffy musicians ;-)

Basically, I guess I'm asking if anyone can come up with any catchy/witty slogans that I can put on the posters and leaflets. Last year the posters said things like 'Feeling saxy/horny/fancy a blow' etc.... sad, I know, but I need to come up with something that's not boring! I'm having a real mental block with this one.
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Do you have friends who think they're deeper than they truly are?

Do you ever want to ask them "For your purposes does existential mean psuedo-intellectual poser with accessories from the street fair?"
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I'm confused. For states that don't have bottle return, what exactly do you do when you're finished with a can? Do you just throw the pop can away in the garbage? Or do you put it in with recycling?

I like the bottle return because when you return, it feels like extra money. I did this yesterday and I got $17.85 yayayaya

Thank you Tom McCall.
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Photography + Ebay

I took some digital camera pics in the sunlight and there turned out to be a lot of shadows cast everywhere and such...any way to get rid of them? They sometimes get the person's face and waah. I doubt lightening the pictures would do much.

Any other suggestions?

--On Ebay, can anyone give me the link or something..Is it called buyer protection or what? Does the seller specifically have to say yes there is damage to this thing (I'm trying to buy a soundcard and the guy said he used it for a month, got a new comp with this soundcard already in it so he's selling the old comp's parts but it works perfectly fine).. What if it doesn't work for me, do I get a refund or what? I just wanna stay safe and not lose money.

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Is it more common for ljs to be entirely virtual or partly “this is another way I keep in contact with the people that I know”?

Like, were any people on your friends list real-life friends before they were lj friends?