August 20th, 2004

Halloween 2008

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Currently I'm working as a docent at the USS Constellation Museum in Baltimore.

For the past six months, I've been working closely with the head of the Education department in our offices, especially giving special tours for school groups, overnighters, and just recently finished a program for 3rd and 4th graders as part of a major summer reading program.

The Edu. woman is leaving her position next month, and to be completely honest, I'd love to take her job. Problem is, I'm only 18, and legally I need to be 21 to take this position. The job was not offered to me, although I expressed a desire to take her place to her.

Temporarily it will be given to a 22 year old woman who was only employed a few months ago. Happy as I am for the both, I'd love to take that job (be able to work directly with schools, kids,etc. along with the work I do as a docent currently.)

If I were to be 21, what do you suppose my background experience would have to be?
As in college education and whatnot. (keep in mind I've been working as a docent for 15 months now)


Important Decision...

Here's the deal. I have a learning disability in math. When I first entered High school however, they thought my learning disability went away because I did so well in Pre-Algebra. In reality, I think it was just the teacher and her teaching methods. In 10th grade I have geometry and I did very poorly, on the brink of failing. 11th grade was no different, I got a D first quarter ... but then I changed to a different math teacher and my grade went from a D to a B+. I'm all set for math credits, I don't NEED anymore ... but I really want 4 credits of each subject (looks good for college and all). The only thing I can take is Advance Math Topics. Both my parents don't think I should take it (it is however, up to me). My schedule is pretty heavy though. AP (College Level) Psychology, Honors Environmental Science, Anatomy and MAYBE Advanced Math Topics. I hear the teacher is good, and there is also a part of me that wants to prove to myself I can do it. But I don't want to be too stressed out and get a poor grade especially in my senior year.

So, do I take it or not??
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I'm not understanding the whole 'things shrinking in the dryer' theory. How hot does it get in there? It couldnt be that much? And wait, didn't we always learn that things expand in heat?

I'm so confused.

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my feet hurt like crazy in the morning. the walk from bed to toilet is agony. my feet feel cramped, my ankles are aching, my calf muscles are tight sometimes. but usually, its just my feet themselves. does this happen to anyone else, or am i the only one?

i dont think its lack of exercise, i get a good workout at work all day long (sales associate, then waitress) and i stretch my leg muscles before going to bed. what can this be?


I just remembered a scene in a movie or in a TV show. It's this guy who goes to AA meetings and shit like that, even though he doesn't really need to go. He just goes to either meet people or because he's bored. He meets a woman there who does the same thing and I think they end up hooking up or something.

What movie or TV show am I thinking of?! It's driving me insane!!!

Come to think of it, it might've been in a book. I have no clue though...
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The Receptionist Classic

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Okay, we always joke about me being "allergic to mornings" because I always sneeze a lot and have the itchy eyes and stuff. I know it's silly because you can't be allergic to a time.
Why do I seem to have allergy symptoms in the morning?
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UK --> US

There's a Vodka called WKD Vodka... but it's only in the United Kingdom. I would really like some and have been trying to find a website to order from. The only site I found doesn't deliver outside the UK. Does anyone know a site where I can order this and have it delivered to the U.S?
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Halloween 2008

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Currently I'm looking for a place to rent in the Baltimore area.

I've found several, but in general, what is the average cost of utilities? (utilities would include just water and electric, right?)

What's a "junior bedroom"? Is that the same as a studio?

I found a place with 3 br, 2 bth, specifically for 3 roommates for $615. Would that be the total cost? Or would each person (3 people) pay that much?

Any hints, guidelines, things I'd need, about renting?
I'm 18, by the way, and currently withing with parents, but it's time to leave.

two part question

So, we all have our groups of friends and they are always changing from time to time. When people make new friends, aren't they just supposed to casually drift apart a bit? Do you think if the other friends are feeling bitter towards the "drifter" that there is some sort of problem that needs to be fixed, or is it just a natural feeling of rejection that makes them feel that way??

Part two: Is there such a thing as online counseling? Like, by professionals or people who live for that stuff, not just talking to peers. General counseling, or homosexual counseling, either works.

And believe me, those are related. O.o This middleman-peacemaker crap is just NOT working, so I hope someone better than me can step in and get some results. >_
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OK folks, my kid needs a little help with an AP assignment...

In the book "Brave New World", what 3 developements did Huxley correctly predict and what 1 technological development did he miss or exclude entirely?

I never read the book, so I'm no help. She did read the book, but for some reason she's having a hard time putting things into words. There seem to be a lot of intelligent people here, so I'm hoping you can help. Thanks!
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Does anyone use Auto FX? How would you rate it?

EDIT: Also, can you tell me if there is an "easy" (read that as "lazy and can't afford a decent graphics program") way to achieve an effect like the word Atlas, in that image? Perhaps a font or 3D program you're familiar with?

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The back cover of the Peter Gabriel album "Passion" [Music from The Last Temptation of Christ] is of resorcinol, which is a dihydroxybenzene, used in glues, formaldehyde, photography, and medicine.

Can anyone explain this to me, or is it just totally random?