August 19th, 2004


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In cars, above the door, what are those handles for? Aside from hanging dry cleaning on them, do they serve an actual purpose?

And secondly, what are your favourite childhood TV shows or movies you wish you could bring back?

Moderate abandonment

What happens when a moderator disappears, and no one has control over a community's profile, etc.? Can you petition LJ to appoint a new moderator, or something?

Oh, and.. is there a way to find out who the moderator is supposed to be? Or is it possible that the community simply doesn't have one now?

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why does Mates of State so carefully print their lyrics in their liner notes? i'm not saying it's not a nice gesture, but when you're lyrics consist of lines like "mary kiss your hips/doesn't mean you're loaded" why bother? i mean, seriously, what is that supposed to mean?

Murder Mystery Dinner

Has anyone done a murder mystery dinner? Did you do the one out of the box and had it at someone's house? at a restaurant/theater? or a private party where you hired a cast to produce it?

Did you think it was fun?

If you haven't done it, would you want to?
Halloween 2008

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I'm going to a dance club for the first time tonight with a couple friends.

What should I wear, expect, bring? What about bringing money (other than cover, I'm under 21 so no drinking)?

Any favorite songs you like to dance to?

For those that live in or near Baltimore, MD, any favorite clubs here?

Eating healthy = happy time!

this is really weird.

I have been eating quite healthy lately, and I dont feel as down or mood swings..nothing.!

I mean, sure i get sad, but it doesnt last compared to when I was eating junk food, it would last the whole day! just being annoyed over one small thing!

so, what exactly is happening to me?
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for parents:

do you censor the things your kids listen to? how? do you ever feel like a hypocrite from what you used to listen to when you were younger? what would you not let you children listen to (specific artists please)?
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Considering moving out

Working on my budget. I'm looking at 650-700 in rent, and about 100 in food a month. Probably 50 dollars in gas a month. I have no idea what utilities might cost. I've found the average utility cost for the New Haven CT area, that works out to $278, but thats for a full household, pulling in everyone regardless of family size, or type of housing.

So, given I'll be living alone, in a studio apartment, what would my costs likely be?

Vinyl/PVC/Latex Clothing

Has anyone worn vinyl, PVC or latex clothing much? I'm wondering how comfortable it is, especially at a club/dancing, of course. Any particular styles that are more/less comfortable than others? Also, I'm sure it doesn't breathe. Do you find it to be too hot if you're wearing a full skirt or pants with a tank top? Thanks!

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What kind of weapons do Celine Dion's bodyguards carry? (No, I'm serious. I read in an article that Lil' Kim's guards pack machine guns and Celine's don't but the journalist didn't give any references and I became curious). Is there any way to find out what sort of weapons any famous person's bodyguards have?
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Here's a fun one. With icons like this...

...Am I supposed to be able to read them?

Do the people who make these just have freakishly good vision, or do I need glasses?
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My friend says she eats enough but I'm not so sure. Take today so far for example. For breakfast she had just a cup of cottage cheese and lunch was Beef Broth. For supper she usually eats slightly more like chicken or turkey. But is this enough?

this is sorta vague....

i heard this song today and of course i have no idea who sings it or what it's called. it was a woman and a man singing, and the man's voice was very low. i can only remember some of the lyrics...towards the end they go "and jesus said...oooo, and the devil said ooooo, and the angels said oooo." and they keep going on about that...and something about a white rabbit. does this sound familiar at all to anyone???
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Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find a bicycle that looks similar to  Collapse ) that won't cost me too much?

I'm fine with either a mountain bike or a road bike, doesn't matter which.  Must have at least 10 speeds, be 24"-26" and built for women.  I like the idea of a pearly-white or minty-green color if at all possible -- and I am looking to spend no more than $200 with shipping.

I've poked around some on Ebay but I'm not really finding what I'm looking for within my price range.  I like the two shown under the cut but they're too expensive.  I saw a gorgeous bike in a bike store the other day which was a minty/white possibly Schwinn, but this was a rooty-tooty bike store which would probably charge me upwards of $400 bucks for it. 

Can anyone who knows a bit more about bike shopping point me in the right direction?  (I have had my current bike for 12 years and it was bought for me, so I know nothing about this stuff).
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This has been bothering me for a while... Does anyone remember the name of the men's swimmer in the 2000 Sydney Olympics that had breathing problems? I remember hearing in some interview that for every breath he took, he only got 20-30% of what a normal person gets.

Trying to search for it just brings up the current olympic sites, and I don't think he's competing this year, or else the commentators would have made a big deal of it again.