August 18th, 2004

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hellohello, I'm writing a story and its concern is largely the concept of aesthetic beauty. Pretty words, cliches, imagery, that sort of thing.(The unit is postmodernism), and I'm madly trying to find quotes that I can disperse through the story.

What I'm looking for are simultaneously pretty and profound quotes from philosophers etc.

To give you an idea, I am in love with this:
Nature is an infinite sphere of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.
Blaise Pascal
Does anyone have any more suggestions? Personal favourites? Anything?
Thank-y you so much!
(sorry, I cross-posted a bit)
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Does anyone know of any reputable companies that refill toner cartridges for printers?

Or has anyone have any experience with a company that does just that?
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a few

what's the best way to get rid of acne on my chest and shoulders (female)?

when my roomate (male) gets too much iron in his body, his fingernails bleed. is this normal? why does this happen?

i'm pregnant and my boyfriend is convinced that my pheremones are now stronger. is this something that actually happens to pregnant women, or is he just being silly?

thanks everyone :)
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Does anybody know anything or have any experience with natural deodorants/antiperspirants like Almay or Tom's of Maine? I have very sensitive skin and I want to switch to something like that but most of them seem like they don't work all that well. Currently I use Secret solid that is unscented, and my skin can handle it most of the time but I want to do better than that. If you use any of these, what do you recommend? What kind of ingredients are ones to watch for -- either as irritants or in terms of effectiveness?

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are there any cyber cafe's neer you?
do you go to them? do you like to go?
do you go often? how bad are the prices?

the reason i ask is, me and a few of my friends are thinking of starting one.
we all(at various times) used to work at the local arcade.
they used to have a bank of computers there. they were pretty popular
(people STILL come in 3 years later and ask where they went,
and if we know if theres any other places like that around here, theres not)

we've been in the "planning" stages for a few months.
we have most of the capitol (the rest will be through small biz loans and govt grants), we just need to find a place.
almost all of the plans (how many stations, types of software, internet pipe) are based on where we decide.

with the massive injection of broadband in homes,
and computer prices falling,
is this even worth trying to do.

i hope no one involved reads this, else i'm dead.
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why do people feel the need to drive so fast and agressively when they have no place to be or are not in a hurry?

I drive fast too, but I mean more the people who tailgate, cut people off, honk as soon as the light turns green, and otherwise are general assholes on the road
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Does anyone else break out in hives when they are stressed? This is a relatively new phenomena for me. It started about six weeks ago... and it's driving me crazy.
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I used to be able to make screencaps of things playing in Windows Media Player by hitting Print Screen and pasting the image into Photoshop.  Why can I no longer do this?  I know I was able to on a computer with Windows 98.  Is it XP preventing me from doing it or are WMP and Photoshop just being bitchy?