August 17th, 2004


Desks and Internet

1)I'm starting university after the summer and I think it's about time to use my desk for actual studying than just loading all my crap onto.

What's the best way to organise a desk? I'm looking for a good combination of storage and studying space. At the moment I have my laptop, my desk lamp and lots of mugs with stationary in them (which I'm planning to clear to give me more space). As I'm taking at least 5 classes in first year I'm going to have a lot of coursework to store.

2) My second question concerns wireless internet access. On the main computer we have broadband with AOL (don't flame me when it's your parents that pay for the Internet you don't argue with the supplier) and my laptop in my room has a 56K modem in built. If I'm studying at night or need to access the university network it's easier because the main computer is out in the hall which isn't good for those sleeping! How would I go about getting wireless broadband for my laptop? What's the best way to go about it?
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The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

In your place of employment, do you have a dress code?
And a related question: about how many people work in said place?

I ask only because our office (of a whopping 3 people and two dogs) seems to be very, very casual compared to other offices in our complex. I'm wondering if we're just freakishly cool or sloppy.
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tech. questions!

first off, i just want to apologize if this is an annoying question. i'm okay with computers, but when it comes to things like the following, i'm clueless.
so i've recently come into a little $, and so want to buy these things:
- 512mb comp. memory
- 256mb camera memory
- usb camera card reader
- ipod dock
- rechargable batteries w/ the charger

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to cope with sharing a room with a snorer? The pillow-over-the-head routine isn't working, and any earplugs good enough to block out the snoring also keep me from hearing my alarm in the morning.

hair clippers

OK. I'm giving up on my barber -- he's getting old, and I'm looking for a much simpler hairstyle, anyway.

So, does anyone have tips for using hair clippers? I hear that they're pretty easy, but are there any specific dos-and-don'ts? Rules of where to start, where to finish, how to work around curves in the skull, etc?

Are there any other 'magic' hairstyling tools apart from hair clippers, that make self-maintenance easy? (and don't say "a comb" ;))

Also... are beard trimmers much different from hair clippers, or is one just smaller and marketed differently?

The Far Side

Does anyone know that far side cartoon with the guy driving in his car and these big truckers in their big trucks around him are yelling stuff like "move it buddy!"?

The caption is something like "The downsides to being named 'Buddy'"

Do you know the exact wording of that, where I can find it on the internet, or which far side book it's in?


with all the commotion you hear about it nowdays, what do you think of spanking? . . . (like as in a smack on the bottom, not beating a kid bloody)

also, werre you spanked ever, as a child?
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