August 14th, 2004

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I saw a music video by a girl named Maria Mena. It was the song "You're the Only One". This is the only song I've heard by her, so I can't really determine what type of sound it really is. Have you heard her whole album? Is it pop-rock-ish? I've heard comparisons to Michelle Branch. Basically is this album worth buying in your opinion?
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So...anyone wish to recommend some very good but seldom heard of movies? I guess American Beauty, John Malk..that sort of ilk. Psychological terrors? Thrillers?

Those who have seen Magnolia..any good? Did you get it?

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Does anybody know what season the "Bamboozled" episode of Friends was in? You know the one, where Chandler and Ross play the game with Joey that he's trying out for, and it was INSANELY FUNNY :D
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gamecube problem

so, a couple of weeks ago i turned my gamecube on while my guitar pedal which was right next to it was still on. when i did this, it created some kind of weird magnetic interference and the gamecube spazzed out making a high pitched buzzing sound. after that incident, whenever i want to turn my gamecube on it usually takes 20-30 tries of hitting the on/off button repeatedly until it finally loads up with the gamecube logo animation. after i get to load properly, there's never any problems afterwards for the rest of the time i have it on. anyone have a clue as to what i may have damaged and how i can fix it?

DVD vs. DV camera

What kind of video camera do you think is better? DVD or DV? Do you have one? Tell me about it.

They opened a Best Buy near my house. That's good AND bad, because now I'm probably going to spend a whole lot of money on crap I don't need.
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How would you define a man and a woman, who are good friends, who both have an attraction to each other but can't do much about it, but who have intelligent conversations and saucy flirting? Is that love? Should it be?

Is it possible to love someone who is supposed to "just be a friend" that much?
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