August 13th, 2004

Elemental Charmed

Computer Questions

1.) What are the financing plans on computers like at most stores?

2.)What specs would you recommend to someone who wants to:

Play the Sims 2 (With lots & lots of downloads)
Use Dreamweaver for Web Page Design
Use Photo Impact for Graphics Programs
Working with digital photography
create flash for webpages
hook up a webcam

statistics questions

for those of you who are good with statistics...

-why is multiple regression analysis similar to both ANOVA and correlation?

-why are Student's t and ANOVA both preferred over correlation and regression analysis for experimental research?
Walls & windows & weathering

(no subject)

- Does anyone know who played Liam Neeson's dead wife, Joanna, in Love Actually? She only appeared in photos. I don't think she was listed in the film credits. (Trivia: The director, Richard Curtis, appeared as a trombone player in the church scene.)

- What is the name of the cartoon whose characters are shoes of different shapes and sizes? I remember there was a boot, and a policeman with a mustache.
  • armelle

i've read this report, and others similar, and i still think that advanced technology has drastically reduced the number of hurricane and other storm fatalities. technology certainly doesn't mean people should ignore precautions, it just means that they have precautions. i wonder if the storm scientists mean that fatalities on the scale of pre-1950s could still happen regardless of our tracking systems and evacuation plans? or are they just really concerned that the public would actually ignore warnings and go about their normal day thinking that technology is some sort of ubiquitous guardian angel?
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Alone [by me]

Bon Appetite

Today I'm making picnic lunch with an eggplant sandwich on foccacia bread with stone ground mustard, sprouts, organic spinach, fresh mozzarella and organic yellow tomatoes.

What are you doing to mark the passing of the great Julia Childs?
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(no subject)

We got a new kitten and we can't agree on a name. He's a maine coon, black and light brownish with a white under belly and white paws, and he's the craziest thing. We like people names, or historical names, or even like old cartoon names or something. We are having absolutely no luck. Help? Please? Can you suggest cat names?

(no subject)

Dear friends!
I'm planning a  trip to Niagara Falls next week.
What else - from your experience -  is a must see in that region of Canada?  Any itinerary sample?
I'm not limited in travel distance since I'm driving there, but I'd like to spend no more than  3-5 days total.
Any travel tips - hotels, accommodations -  would be greatly appreciated!
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three more questions for those who know their statistics:

-Compare the assumptions that must be met for the chi squared tests and ANOVA. Identify which test would use severely skewed data and why.

-Explain why the power of a test to discriminate between real and chance differences with very small effects increases with sample size using paramteric statistics, but not with non-parametric statistics.

-Explain why it is incorrect to perform a parametric test using ordinal data, and why a non-parametric test is preferable.

(no subject)

My counsellor at camp this year played a song for us on AirBands night, where it was the Barenaked Ladies singing on a children's cd, and they sang a song called La la la la lemon.... It basically went like that.
La la la la la, lemon.
La la la la la lightbulb.
La la la la la lamp post
La la la la la lump in my oatmeal"

But I cant find anywhere on the internet as to where I can download it from, its just, not there. Does anyone have any ideas, or even the file on their computer that they want to send to me? PLEEEEEEASE?
jill shadow

(no subject)

Why do we have viewings of people before their funerals? I can't stand them. I think it's so stupid to sit around a dead body and chit chat. I have no desire to see someone dead. I prefer to remember them alive.

Opening Skinner's Box

For people who have read Opening Skinner's Box by Lauren Slater:

What were the names of the guys who did the experiment on college students where they were in a room and a gas started coming out of the vents?
If they were in a room with a lot of people and no one else seemed to think anything of it, the person wouldn't say anything but if they were in the room by themselves they would get up and tell someone.

Anyone know the story about the woman who was stabbed to death with something like 37 witnesses watching from their apartments and nobody called the police or anything? What was her name?
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(no subject)

Sometimes when I use Windows Media Player (9), it plays this loud sound that sounds like a drop of water. The last time it happened was when I was listening to an internet radio station, but it does it at other times, too. It happens at least once every couple minutes and it's really annoying. Does anyone know where this sound comes from and how to turn it off?
  • libram


Am I dreaming, or is there a new breed of mosquito out this fall on the east coast of the US? I got bitten all over in the park late last night and the bites looked different, and now they're all swollen. I NEVER have swelling from mosquito bites, and these are incredibly, unbearably itchy. I've been practically bathing in Gold Bond cream, but I still would like some advice, and any info on new biters out there. Thanks.
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Embrace Diversity

(no subject)

I love being introduced to artists that I am not familiar with. My favorite artist, right now, is Mark Ryden. Does anyone know of any artists that are similar to Mark Ryden? It's also a plus if their prints are actually affordable.

Any good Irish rock/punk bands out there? That is besides Flogging Molly, Real Mckensies, Filthy Thievin' Bastards and Dropkick Murphys?
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my other ride is your mother

(no subject)

where does the phrase "pound salt" come from?  I know what it means, but I'm curious as to its origins and why it means what it does.  yes, i googled this before i asked, but all i can find is what it means, which i already knew.  nothing is telling me where it came from.
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Tonights SG-1

The monitor for the game T'ealc was in, how was that effect done? Was it custom or did they just play and film a mod for an existing FPS? If the latter, what game was it based on and is the mod available?