August 12th, 2004

library books

i looked at the website but i couldn't find this:

when you take out books from the new york public library that were on hold, can you return them to different branches, or do you have to return it to the branch that you took it out from?

thanks a lot.

Housemate problems

At the moment I am living with my boyfriend in his house, but a couple of month’s ago we decided to rent out our spare room to one of his friends, and now it is turning out to be a nightmare. His friend and I don’t get on at all and my bf does not want to take sides or get involved EITHER. We have had huge fights and are never in the same room. He is starting to threaten me with stuff and hide stuff that I need or anything to upset me and I have screamed at him for it. This morning when I came downstairs I discovered that he had taken the mouse for the computer so I "cant go on it" but luckily we had one stashed in the cupboard so that was not to bad but I know if I play his game things could only escalate and I don’t know if that is such a good Idea but I don’t know what ells to do as my bf has gone on holiday for a week and now he is doing everything in his power to spite me. Any suggestions are welcome....what should I doo??
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Alone [by me]

Q and A Time

Which LJer do you think is most likely to:

1) Win the lottery, even though they don't deserve it?
2) Marry someone famous?
3) Catch the clap within the next 2 days?
4) Get into a catfight with another LJer?
5) Get impregnated, but won't know by whom?
6) Sponsor a terrorist?
7) Get caught up in a scandalous affair with some politician?
8) Become a successful doctor or something respectable like that?
9) Get married and live happily ever after?
10)Discover their true calling as a porn star, only to become a wash-out after 2 years and end up a cheap prostitute?

(no subject)

where can i find release dates for movies coming out on viiiideo, not into the theaters?
(mean girls.)
(eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.)
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(no subject)

Hi friends. Anywho, my best bud and I write letters to each other during the year because everyone knows the pure excitement of getting mail (thats snail mail, not e-mail). But anywho, the last one she sent me was so adorable, and she had put stickers down in place of words... like, um "I hope its going to *sticker of a stop sign* raining soon." Get it?

So, my question, does anyone have any cool letter ideas that I could send back to her? I dont want to just write another boring letter. Any help, thanks loves.