August 11th, 2004

Alone [by me]

Three Querries.

1) If you could have one, what would you want as your own personal Super-Hero theme song?

I choose Ani DiFranco's 32 Flavors.

2) What are you doing to celebrate National Underwear Day?

3) My five year old niece and I were reading some Dr. Seuss recently and she asked if Thing 1 and Thing 2 got in a fight who would win?

I say Thing 2 would kick Thing 1's ass - if for no other reason than Thing 2 is tired of playing second-friggin-fiddle. I'm not sure if that was the right answer to tell a five year old who has a younger sister, but whatever!

What do you think?

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two questions:

1. what in the bloody hell is a jabber? what does one put there? does anyone know?

2. i saw this funny shirt one day at the mall that said "please dont feed the models." any idea where i could order it online?
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Question for americans;

Your steering wheel in cars is on the left hand side... are your pedals also different? As in, im used to the clutch on the left, brake in the middle, and accelerator on the right (assuming its a manual), is it the same there?

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If someone can answer this, based on the incredibly pathetic information I'm about to give, I will be amazed.

I've got this line from a movie(I believe) in my head- it's a character saying "I'm(or I am) so goddamn scared." All I can remember is that it was a white woman, she was sitting down, I think she was talking to a man, and the way she said it was kindof flat... like they left off the !.
(I can remember that, but not the actress or anything useful.)

Anybody? I've been wondering all morning.

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Has anyone heard of a song called or about "Sammy the Christmas Snake?" My husband swears it's something he heard on the radio growing up, but I've never met someone else that's heard of it.
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abby genius

Tea Party, "The Messenger"

. . or something like it. Heard this song on a web radio station, and I *know* I know it from somewhere. Web searches have turned up nothing.

Looking at some discographies, it isn't on one of their albums, but in an "other songs" list. I know I've heard the song sung by someone, not necessarily the Tea Party, on some TV show or movie, and it's driving me insane trying to figure out what it is. . .sounds like an ending song, but I don't know where I saw it.

I'm not sure of the exact lyrics, but I know "oh no" over and over is an important part of the lyrics in both cases (what I heard on the radio, and what I saw on a TV show/movie). I think the movie version also had the line "stop crying your eyes out", but that doesn't appear in the lyrics for this version of the song.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Mr. Lion
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Dave Matthews Song

My mom has been trying to find out the name of a song for about a week now. She was in the car with me on her way to the dentist (POINTLESS DETAIL!) and said there was a song, that later the DJ said was The Dave Matthews Band, about losing love or something. She said the lyrics were talking about how he didn't want to leave but everyone was telling him too, and that it was a mistake and there would be regret. She can't remember the actual lyrics or even the melody. The song was played on a college radio station so it may not be a widely-played single. Does anyone have any clue what she's talking about?

Hahahaha...I'm starting to wonder if she's not talking about Burn by Usher. How she could get Usher and The Dave Matthews Band confused is beyond me, so maybe not.
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tank girl

Burning oooiiilll

What's the best thing to do if..uh.
Lets say your making freedom fries (XD) and one falls pick up quickly and throw it back into the pan but your finger got burned by the oil..

So what should I do? My finger hurts, can't type on it. I have heard mixed things about cold water, adding more oil or honey or help?

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So, I've been spending the last while sitting in school working on my math, and after a day of leaning over the table with my head looking down at the page, I have this pain in my neck and top of my shoulders. I know I should start sitting up every now and then, but untl then, does anyone know any good stretches or treatments to cure a very sore neck/back/shoulders?

total randomness

I'm not trying to offend anyone, this is just a matter of opinion. Am I the only one who thought Finding Nemo was a stupid movie? Everywhere I go, people are raving about how it was one of the greatest Disney movies ever (at least, they did when it had first come out)...tell me I'm not the only weirdo around O.o
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Ville Valo

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I've googled this before, but can never find the right thing. . .

Does anyone know where I can upload/host music? I want to music onto a site, and I can't find a site that is free. I want to have a song on it for a little while, and it's just one song.


The eternal quest

Where can I buy a plain, ladies, 100% cotton t-shirt?

(I live in Sydney, Australia, so an online shop would be helpful.
If an Australian can tell me an actual shop I would just have to marry you.)

I know, I know, it sounds like the easiest question ever. But it is sending me mad.
I have been to target, kmart, bonds, myer, etc.etc. and google, and every single shirt has lycra or some other form of stretchy-ness in it.

Thank you soooo much
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Trying to figure out my main heritage

I know their's like various bloodlines in my body, but I wish I could figure out what in the hell my main bloodline is, because I'm sure the bloodlines aren't all equal and their has to be a bloodline that's stronger than the others. I'm thinking it's probably Spanish (meaning the majority of my ancestors probably came from Spain and not Mexico.. just saying that for those who somehow confuse Spanish with Mexican) but hell if I know. I might be completely wrong on that Spanish thing!

Of course, that's where you, come in! Could someone tell me by looking at this picture with me in it, what my main cultural heritage would most likely be?

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When I go to USA at the end of November, I'm planning on stopping in at LA for a few days...

Does anyone know of any nice but low priced hotels to stay at near LA airport?
or any websites to get last minute accomodation?
or a place not far to travel by public transport?
What is there to do around there?

Is united airlines ok for domestic flights?

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When you feel that your partner is cheeting on you DO you believe they really are? any one had any stories of that? Like you feel it in your gut, they say they are not cheeting, but that feeling stays with you. Anyone would like to share?
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