August 9th, 2004

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Does anyone know where I could buy a large poster of Paul Walker. Not a movie poster, like for The Fast and the Furious, but one of just Paul himself. I've already looked at and the best they have is photos.


Do you guys and girls believe in "Love at first sight"?

Hey would any one mind givin me a Hug? go to my profile.
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Green Fairy

Techie question

Here's the deal... I've had my digital camera for over 3 years and never once had a problem with it. I go to try and upload some pictures onto my computer today and am greeted with the error message "Cannot open COM port". I got the original software out and uninstalled/reinstalled several times to no avail. I checked the cable connection to the camera and to the back of the computer repeatedly. I scanned for viruses and ran scandisk. I cleaned out old files and ran spyware catchers. Still, nothing works and I am getting the same damn message. My computer has been acting a little off lately, but nothing has been done to it out of the ordinary.

Question: Can anyone please help by suggesting anything I might try to fix it? I am so beyond frustrated.
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Ok..I need ideas for a shirt. I'm making a shirt with a saying on it and I need some idea's. The shirt is goign to a maroon color. I thought about....

I Love Porn or Emiemin Screws Gays, but I want more ideas. I need it to be funny, yet witty and kind of bashing. Got other..that can be stupid and silly too. Please help?????????
urban canyon

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Okay, so this is a lame question, but what does the fifth line of this say?  I can read the first four.

B1FF T4LK LE4D$ 2 W4r37_t4LK.
W4r3Zt/kL34d$ 2 31337 ///
37_ |>0o|) 7/|_|<,
4|||) 7|¬3|23 7!¬3 |)/|2|( 51|)3 |_|3$

    -- (Charles Cooke)
Etc: Graffiti: Woman-thing
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Watch it be Troll Island or something.

During my last year of elementary school (1995/1996), during our computer class, there was a game I used to play after finishing assignments. I can't, for the life of me, remember its name.

It was a cheesy little game, and I don't remember all that much. I remember something about finding a message in a bottle, then "waking up" on a beach. There was a trail (I think?), and you had to play these strange games to move along the trail: Something about getting the right drops of Java into a mug, removing cds on a beach, moving tires to different poles. And trolls. There were troll-things.

Long shot, I know, but does anyone remember this game, or at least its name?
Halloween 2008

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I have about 15 brightly colored, printed chiffon and silk square scarves that measure about 15 inches on each side.

They're printed with geometric shapes, flowers, animal prints, and paisley, and are all very lovely, but anyone have any idea what I can do/make with them?
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so if spiderman (movie, not comics) wears gloves, how can he climb walls and shoot webs? i was under the impression that he could climb walls because of little spiky hair-things that come out of the skin of his hands. if so, are they pointless when he's wearing gloves? or, he shoots web out of his wrist in the movies - wouldnt it just get gummed up inside of his gloves?

these are the things that keep me up at night. ;o)
gwen no doubt by spoiled_sk8ter


in microsoft word, is there a way to turn off the autocorrect thing (or whatever it is that makes the green and red squiggles under words) for one document?
(besdies going under each incorrect word and clicking "ignore")
jill shadow

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A friend of mine has to take a drug hair test for a job. She said she took a couple of hits of a joint about a month ago. It says the hair test shows up to 90 days. Is there any way to get around this? And if it was only one or two hits, will it still show up?

ATM/PIN number??

ive tried searching faqs to no avail on this, so maybe someone here can help...

ive been trying to order shirts from two different websites that both go through yahoo! shops, and both say my order isnt validated because i have not entered an ATM/PIN number. what i dont get is that (a) it didnt ask for the number on the previous page before it said i had to correct my order and (b) my grandpa (whose credit card i am using to place said orders) doesnt even have and ATM/PIN number.
is there anyway to bypass this or am i just not going to be getting my t-shirts?

edit: i have, since posting this, recieved a confirmation email from one of the two shops from which i was purchasing shirts. im thinking ill just wait it out and if i dont get a confirmation email from the other shop within the next twenty-four hours, ill call and place my order via telephone. would you say this would be my best bet?
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look down


BEN: QUESTIONCLUB, i need some awesome clothes from online that are cool, and not lame. they are unique and out there but not TOO out there.


I &lt;3 Chicago

Bug Juice all grown up???

Do any of you remember the old Disney Channel show "Bug Juice?" You know the show where they send kids to camp and tape it....??? Well anyway I was just wondering what are those kids doing now? Or is there a way to find out?? I am just bored and saw the show while flipping through the channels.