August 7th, 2004

Ville Valo

Roommates. . .

So I will be rooming with one of my co-workers. We kinda know each other, but not best friends. so it's going to be a lot of fun. On sunday we are going to be laying out the "rules" of the dorm. . .We are alike in staying out late and things like that.

Do you guys have any good things that should be rules???

I know about having people over we'll talk about and guys and stuff. . any good suggestions? Our dorm at 24 hour visitation, so we can have anyone over.

Thanks a bunch.
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Work policy.

At the place I work (Blockbuster) if we call in they try and make us find our own replacement. I don't know if they do that at all stores, and it's hit or miss if they'll even do it here, but I think it sucks.

My boyfriend (who used to be a manager at BBV) thinks that they're not legally allowed to do that. I'm not a manger, I'm just a CSR, and frankly they don't pay me enough to come in when I'm feeling like I do now.

So questions: Is there anything wrong/illegal about that? Do they have a leg to stand on if they try to write me up/fire me for calling in and not finding my own replacement?

(I'm not really worried about getting fired, but it's always in the back of the mind and all.)
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winter gear

In which national chain stores (or locally, San Diego-based) can I find some good quality, cheap winter/outdoor clothing? I'm looking for a true winter snow jacket, snowboots and also all the layerings in between.

Moving from So. Cal to cold cold New Hampshire, what else do I need in terms of gear?

AOL Question

The other day when I went to put an away message on my buddy list, I noticed there was an option saying "Forward to Mobile". I was wondering if anyone uses it and do you have to pay for the service?

I use AOL in the UK if that makes any difference.
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Jury Duty

How does one get in the pool for jury duty in the US? Is it from your voter registration or from your driver's license registration? My GF's grandmother has never registered to vote because she insists that jury duty is connected to voter registration and if she doesn't register to vote, she won't get called for jury duty. I'm fairly certain that it's attached to your driver's license and that a perfectly viable Democrat in waiting is not voting based on an assumption......

Help me?

(no subject)

    Okay, I've had an onion in my room for two months or so now and it's been tightly sealed up. I forgot about it for awhile and just found it while cleaning my room. It seems to have sprouted long green things coming out of the top. Is the onion still growing or is it just turning into one of those sick things I find whenever I clean?

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so i have a whole book of checks that has my old address on it, and im moving in two weeks. i wont use all the checks by then, obviously. so my question is - can i just cross out my old address and print my new one, or do i have to order a new book of checks and void all of these?

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what movie is it in which they ask the old woman why she never got married... and she says "i suppose it was because no one ever asked me..." and then the whole world cries because how sad is thaaat?