August 6th, 2004


Meet Baba Ganoush and Tabuleh

The cloned kittens are the first two cats cloned by chromatin transfer, a new cloning technology developed by Genetic Savings & Clone, a pet gene banking and cloning company, who produced the kittens as a precursor to production of the first batch of cat clones for the public. It will cost $50,000 to have your cat cloned. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Cute, but still a leeettle bit scary.

So what are your thoughts on the whole cloning issue?
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I'm confused. I'm looking at a pair of pants on Ebay (god I love ebay) and they say they are a size 5 women's pants. What does it mean to be a size 5? Can anyone tell me the uh approx. length (in inches please) of the waist of a 5?

I wanna make sure they aren't too big.

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Does anyone know what can be done if a company continues to send you spam?
I’ve recently been getting advertisements from Proctor & Gamble, a company I will never have anything to do with due to their blatant disregard for the health of the environment, animals, and humans, I told them that too in sending them an e-mail asking them not to send me any more e-mail, which I received conformation of. I’ve also gotten myself off the individual products mailing lists that have been coming through to me. I looked on the site, the place I am getting them from is locally based and I would love to know how the hell they got my e-mail address, it also has considerable information about privacy and that they have no problem taking people off the mailing list - yet I am still getting spam.
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Chat room help

I’m looking for a fast, free chat room service that can either be part of a website or linked to via that site.

Right now we’re using’s, which was fine up until earlier this year, when it started booting people at random, crashing browsers, and not letting people in at all.

Preferably, one that also holds more than 10 people.

HTML is fine as long as it refreshes quickly and efficiently. Something that’s Java and fast is good, too.

Any help?


1st question

you know those voices in your head that have nothing good to say? the ones that tell you just a bunch of messed up, negative crap? well here's the question... do you think it's better to have an outlet for that stuff (as in getting it all out in a journal) or to just try to ignore it? on one hand, having an outlet might help you get it out of your head, but on the other hand, that might just end up encouraging those sort of thoughts - and instead of being rid of them, they just screw you up more. what do you think?

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i am a student in pennsylvania and want to vote in that state but am registered in washington.
in box two, what do i claim, "new registration" or "change of address?"
my thought is that by "new registration" i can keep my old registration too... voting only in one place of course, or is being registered in two places not allowed?

whats her name?!

Whats the name of the girl who does a bluesy cover of a white stripes song? It was on MTV and VH1 like a month or so ago--I can't for the life of me remember her name OR the song she covered!
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Anyone with mono experience?

I've worked much too hard this week, and with 4-5 hours sleep each night, and right now my arms and legs ache, especially at the joints. I'm also freezing, even though it was about 70 degrees F today. I feel like I'm getting the flu, with the bodyaches, but I wasn't sure if it was just exhaustion.
Dad thinks I'm getting mono. Vacation starts on Sunday and I can't afford to be spending my three days off in bed when I should be on the beach.

So anyone have an idea what the think it is?