August 5th, 2004


how big is yours?

computer moniter, that is?
and if possible, what desktop resolution do you run at?

i recently got a new 21" (well, it was used), a slight upgrage from my 15"
its HUGE, and my mother freaked when i carried it in the house.

note: i run at 1280x1024
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Road trips. What can you tell me about them?

I'm looking for experiences, things we should remember while planning, general tips, ideas, and/or anything else you could offer.

If anyone's wondering, a couple girlfriends and I are thinking about planning a trip out west in the summer of '06, after we graduate. =)
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rock, paper, scissors

Is there such a thing in the game "Rock, Paper, Scissors" that wins over all 3 of those options, and can only be used 5x in your entire life? What is it?

What other options have you used in the game (for example, pencil or dynamite)?

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What’s your biggest irrational fear?

Even since I was little, I thought I was somehow going to have my achilles tendon sliced. It gives me the chills just thinking about it.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I absolutely am disgusted when people have bad table manners, like chewing with their mouth open. It makes me feel sick. In fact, I can never eat dinner with one of my roommates because I hate watching half-chewed food roll around in her mouth.
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Izzy Puppy

Demolition Man

Does anyone know what the 3 seashells are for?

Everything I have found says that the movie never stated it.  If there was not explaination in the movie then my next question is:  Do you think that the movie initially explained it, but the part with the explanaition ended up on the cutting room floor?

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Recently my Grandfather passed away and I am staying with my Grandmother to help her get along. We're supposed to write thank-you notes to all the people who sent cards and/or food during the past few weeks, during the funeral and all that sort of discomfort.

I don't think she's up to the task, with her poor health and inability to write (we've considered her dictating to me while I transcribe, but with literally hundreds of letters, notes, and gifts that need to be taken care of, that wouldn't be the best idea).

If it ends up I have to write some of the things, what sort of thing should I say? I've never been in the situation before and am not really a writer....*small groan*, any ideas?

hot emo kids rating community.

So im looking for communties to join. and i find

this community called ____hotemokids

it's like a rating community..(i hate rating communities) but, out of boredom I wanted to see what it was about

this 13 year old girl wanted to join, she did the usual "application"
a series of questions and some pics.

then they proceeded to rip into her, but, i have seen worse.

now this comes to my question...

Do you think the internet brings out the worst in people?
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Me--State Fair


So what would be your take on're talking to a friend you haven't seen for years, and they say they are "barely married". What? Isn't that like being "barely pregnant" or "barely unemployed" or "barely on fire"? What the heck is that about?
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I am looking for a new job. After 2+ years working in retail hell, I am looking for another job. I am a college student and would like to work, ideally, as a server in a restaurant.

The problem is that I have no experience waiting tables or in the food service industry at all. All the job ads that I have seen say that they require experience...while I dont have any experience, Im sure that I would be quick to learn.

My question is, should I even bother applying to places where they list experience as a requirement? Or should I ditch this idea altogether and find another retail job?(which apparantly, is all I am qualified to do)

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The Receptionist Classic


In discussing Pierce Brosnan's recent departure from the James Bond franchise (again), my boss and I threw out a few names for possible new James Bonds. Supposing Pierce Brosnan doesn't return for the next 007 movie, who do you think would be a good / cool replacement?

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Cornwall here I come!

Does any of ya know where I can find a well decorated but non expensive hotel or b&b near good sights(beach etc.) Preferably a quiet location somewhere in Cornwall in the UK? Please.... I dont know the England very well it can be a nightmare sometimes!
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daydream nation

1 ;

what was the first CD you ever bought?

[mine was sophie b. hawkins, whaler followed by hootie and the blowfish, cracked rear view mirror shortly thereafter. ace of base the sign was the third, i think]
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Ein - Badass (default)

ADMIN: In regards to the recent drama

Ok, it seems every now and then we end up having lots of drama regarding icons. And thus, I have some advise.

If you come across an icon that you don't like for whatever reason, I recommend you do one or more of the following:

1. Ignore it. Really, just ignore it. I don't know about anyone else, but I have better things to do than freak out over an icon.
2. Turn on the option that shows all posts in a community as the community's icon and not the poster's icon. It's somewhere, but I can't find it.
3. Block the image. For example, use Mozilla Firefox and the Adblock extension. There are other ways as well, but that's the one I know of off the top of my head.

Finally, if it bothers you that much, keep it personal. There's no point in involving the entire community in an argument. For the record, I nuked the entire comment thread with the argument - I didn't see much point in keeping it around.

Also, please keep in mind: All posts must ask a question and Personal attacks are absolutely not tolerated. And some more advise: If you see someone creating an argument for the sake of an argument, just ignore it.


As for a question: What's your favorite summer TV series? (As in, TV series that broadcasts new episodes during the summer instead of fall/winter/spring). Myself, I love Monk. In fact, it's the only one I bother watching. XD
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Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

Weird question time!

I'm not giving specific context for anything here, so you'll have to imagine some. (I imagine anyone with enough knowledge of the internet to have a Livejournal will understand anyway.) I'd also like to say that no answer will change my opinion or actions, but I'm kind of curious what a "poll" would say about the opinions of others.

There is an IRC channel for a famous Japanese pop group. I run a server for it, but I generally don't frequent the web boards (although I have accounts on them all.) Some of the boards, however, are picture boards. (The software is designed for messages, but can also contain pictures, which is the purpose of the board. Most pictures never have any messages in the "thread".) I use these picture boards quite often, but I equally rarely post messages to them.

On one particular board, there were a few "this girl is cuter!" "No, this girl is cuter!" type debates in some of the pictures. (Aside from the general comments like, one guy will post a dozen pictures of the girls covered in sweat after singing on-stage for 2 hours and someone says "So-and-so has a sweaty girl fetish!") The site operator posted a message saying not to hold conversations on the picture board. I posted a reply suggesting he just disable the ability to add text messages with picture posts entirely. Without any warning at all, he banned my IP from the web server. I got around it for a while with dynamic IPs, which I could get a new one whenever needed, but now that I'm static, I've turned instead to public web proxies.

Do you think he was being reasonable? Do you think I'm being unreasonable? I know, it's probably too geeky of a question for most people, but I thought I would pose it here since I haven't seen any really good or original types of questions in a while. :)

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What is your shower procedure?

For me: shampoo, rinse, conditioner, comb, rinse, wash my body (with my white loofa and nice ocean spray scented body wash :D), shave if I'm going to shave, wash my face, and then condition and comb one more time.