August 4th, 2004

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Learning to Cook

I've decided I want to learn to cook. I want to reach a level of skill that is better then average, actually I'm thinking "award worthy" does anyone have any suggestions on how to start this process?

I'm already fairly decent, never had any complaints... but I want to be good enough to cook in a nice restraunt.
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I have no idea where else to pose this question, and although I have a list of the sounds from the soundtrack, I have no idea which one this would be (or if it even made it onto the soundtrack in the first place):

In Cry Baby, what is that song that's playing during the scene where Milton and Hatchetface are trying to break Cry Baby out of jail?

Priests, Food, and Feelings... this is important!

Three unrelated questions:

Are priests/monks/nuns allowed to masturbate? Are they breaking some sort of code if they do?

Do you sometimes have trouble eating a food, regardless of how good it tastes, because of its texture or appearance?

Don't you hate how people are usually sweet and civil to people they despise? I hate false courtesy just as much as I hate being cordial to someone I cannot stand. Why can't we be upfront with people instead of waiting until they leave the room to bash them. I don't want someone, who I think is my friend, to ramble on about me behind my back. And likewise, when I don't like a person, I let them know without causing drama. Why can't we be more honest about our feelings?
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Short guy question

I'm 5'3" and I have a hard time find shirts that fit well. They're either too long on the bottom or the sleeves come down to the elbows. Where can I find shirts that are more accomodating to short guys? Retail stores or online ones are fine.
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(no subject)

Has anyone ever typed up instructions on what to do, who to contact, etc. in case of your death or an accident? Not so much a will, but like a "don't play this crappy song at my funeral" or "contact x person if I am in an accident so they know" sort of thing.

Just one of those random things I think about...
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2 computer questions

1. My brother downloaded a free demo of Nero on our computer and now it expired.. Can I re-download it, or is there another free software for burning CDs I could get? And where can I find either of them?

2. I use AOL on my laptop (I know it sucks, but I haven't gotten around to networking yet) and since this morning everytime I've signed on I've gotten kicked off after about 10 minutes with a message saying that my connection has been lost. I've also noticed new icons on my desktop that advertise "sports betting" and "free online casino". I deleted the icons but I want to be completely rid of the adware, spyware, or whatever it is. How do I get rid of these and fix my internet connection?
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(no subject)

How do you know when you should just let live, or when you should bother with a situation? How do you *read* people?

Maybe a movie will help get me out of my funk. For a cinematically inept and uncultured person (not that I'd be talking about myself or anything, what movies would you recommend and why? (in other words, can't-live-without, what-do-you-mean-you-haven't-seen-this-movie?! - kind of movies)
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Halloween 2008

Fabulous shoes

For the girls...

I wear a size 9 shoe, and my foot's wide, so I already have a tough time finding shoes that fit well but look great.

Ijust bought these pants in mustang, and they fit amazingly.. but I need a pair of shoes to wear with and look fabulous in with them. I'd prefer something with a heel, stylish, and under $100.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I'd probably be wearing them semi-formal, sort of office wear.

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Two completely unrelated questions...

1. What is a good and safe (and cheap) way to whiten teeth? Mine aren't bad, I've seen much worse, but I'd like to make them just a little bit whiter. A lot of stuff that's sold in stores is really expensive and I've heard can be harmful for your teeth (wears down enamel or whatever). Any suggestions?

2. When did minute hands on clocks first get used? And how available were they to regular people when they did first start getting used?
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We just got a new girl in the office, and she's very nice, but she hums, sings and talks to herself constantly. She's also very giggly and makes up little songs about our clients names then giggles about it. This is all very annoying and is making me crazy. I think the boss is a little put off as well. My question is, how do I POLITELY let her know it's got to stop. Today it was so bad I nearly screamed. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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(no subject)

I just made a little animation using Windows Movie Maker. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make it into an animated GIF or somehting of the sort so I can show people who don't have the program. How do I go about doing so?