August 3rd, 2004

Problems in Back of Knees

I am having sharp pains that shoot up the back of my knees ever since I tried to do lunges after a short stint of not working out (because of arthritis inflammation in the front of my knees). It aches in the back of the thigh and sharp pains are constantly going up in two striations. Sometimes pain throbs up the sides as well.

It gets worse when I straighten my legs, stand for long periods, or bend them without support.

The pain is horrible. Ive been like this for months, and it just isn't getting better. It actually feels like it is getting worse.

I have no insurance, and can't afford to go to a doctor. Does my symptoms sound familiar to anyone? I am so scared that I will always be in pain and that I need surgery. Either way, I am screwed since I can't pay to see a doc or get an MRI.

Any help would be appreciated.


The biggest fucking bug just crawled acroos my bedroom floor and underneath one of my dressers. I am looking for a way to get the damn bug to come out so that I can trap and kill it. (Don't give me any animal rights shit, it is in my territory, damn it!)

Also, a pretty important note to add is that I AM DEATHLY AFRAID OF INSECTS!! That probably explains why I almost threw up and cried and shat myself and pissed on myself when I saw it. Any help would be much appreciated...I am not going to sleep until this bug is dead and out of my room.
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Speaker picking up a radio station.

Whenever my computer speakers are on, they pick up a local radio station. Causing lots of static and I can also just about listen to the station... The cables do not detach from the speakers themselves, so replacing with shielded cables would require time with a soldering iron, which I'd prefer to avoid if possible.

Is there an effective way to improvise shielding- I'm thinking maybe wrap with alluminum foil which I'd then ground to my computer case- or some sort of line filter I can plug in between the cable and the speaker output on my sound card?

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Watching The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (particularly the opening sequence) I wanted to ask a couple of questions related to the subject matter of "Nifty title sequences" (Maybe that's a stupid way of putting it, I don't know)

1.What other movies have really good/great title opening sequences? I know I thought Casino Royale had a good opening sequence, but I saw it recently about a couple of months ago and didn't think the opening was so spiffy anymore, but maybe I just wasn't in the right mood.. I shall see what my opinions of it are when I watch it on the Peter Sellers day on Turner Classic Movies this month (A day of Peter Sellers movies!! *squeals*)

2.Have ANY movies coming out in the recent.. 10 or so years had any fancy/interesting/etc. title opening sequences? I'm not just talking about mainstream ones, but indie ones as well. Or is it all some credits over a black screen while music plays? (If even that)

Thank you, as always.
The Receptionist Classic

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Hypothetical question...
Say you find out that you're pregnant and the father is someone that you used to date and have no desire to marry. All legal issues aside, would you rather give the child your last name or their father's last name?

Now suppose that the father isn't going to be a part of the child's life (by his own decision). Which last name would you give the child then?
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(no subject)

Gmail users: Has anyone else had their inbox wig out and mark old messages as unread? It just happened to me this morning. It's not like it inconvenienced me or anything, it was just odd, and I'm wondering if the same thing happened to anyone else.
Izzy Puppy

Hey Guys!

Would this hurt your pride at all?

I have been dating Matt for almost 4 years.  I am 25, he is 23.  We function like a married couple, we just don't want to get married.  (Nothing to do with being married to each other, just married in general...we are happy the way we are).  We bought a house together, have joint accounts and such.  As involved as a married couple just w/o the paper.  So lately I just have not been feeling it and had been trying to figure things out...and I believe I may have.  Here is what I want to sayCollapse )

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(no subject)

Is there a tutorial somewhere that can explain to me how to make an ebay listing look cool?

I tried google, but all I get is nonsense about learning to sell crap, not change the look of the listing. All I really want to do is change the background color and make a border or something

Catholic question

Is it a universal Catholic thing that the godparents of a baptised baby have to be Catholic?

My cousin, who just had a baby, is Catholic. I'm not. Her parish said that I would need a statement from a church proving that I am a practicing Catholic before I can be godfather. Does this change from parish to parish, or is it the case with all Catholic churches?
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any pro editors out there?

I have to submit a bid to edit a how-to book, workbook and sales letter for the project. Because I've never really done a job of this scope before, I'm not sure what to charge for the work. The deadline is very tight - they're looking for a one week turnaround. Can anyone out there give me an idea of what would be fair and realistic to charge for this kind of work? Do I charge hourly? Do I charge a set rate? I don't want to overprice or underprice myself.

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Okay. I've got a bet going on with my mom.

Okay, so I was born in Seoul, Korea in some sort of army hospital. My father is a US citizen but my mother isn't. Now to become president, you have to be born in the U.S., so I can't become president, right? My mom argues that the hospital I was born in was a U.S. hospital, therefore that is U.S. soil, therefore I was born in the United States. I keep on arguing that although I was born in a U.S. hospital, you have to be born in mainland U.S. (as in one of the 50 states) to be eligible for presidency. Who's right here? My mom also argues that it says "US citizenship" on my birth certificate, therefore I was born in the US. I try to tell her that I'm a naturalised citizen, but she just won't listen (korean stubborness >=|).

Oh, and don't ask why I'm so concerned about my eligibility for presidency :P
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Where can you get those AIM buddy icons that have little people doing funny stupid things? My favorite is the one where the guy says oh how cute a butterfly and then the buttefly cuts off his head and its an evil butterfly. Or the one where the guy keeps trying to go through the pull door by pushing and he cant get through. Where can you download those? Thanks
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I'm looking to buy a (used) motorcycle. So far I know very little about them and I've never driven one. I'd like a sports bike, but i'm open to suggestions.
So, any tips on buying motorcycles, anything I should know about them, any good links for total newbs? :)
I'm in NY and I'm 21 years old. Any idea how much the insurance will cost?

So really, anything at all about motorcycles - just throw it at me :)

On a side note: what the hell are minibikes and what are they for? I've been looking for bikes on ebay, and these are all over!

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Me and my wireless questions again. :)

So my father finally got the wireless network set up for us. The problem is, both my mother and I get a LOT of "The page cannot be displayed" errors. We're talking nine times out of ten. It's the same no matter the distance from the router-- my mom's computer it right on the same desk with it. We never had this issue while wired to the DSL, so it must be the wireless causing it. My mom's having a temper tantrum over it, and if it doesn't get fixed, I'm going to have to get my own DSL line, on top of eating the cost of the wireless hardware.

So my question is, is there anything I can do to fix this? And if not, can I rewire my mother's computer straight to the DSL without screwing up the wireless for my laptop? I'm okay with it, but my mother's hissy fits over the connection are really pissing me off.
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