August 2nd, 2004


i don't know much about the PDA's that are out nowadays. i'm looking for one that would be capable of running a C++ and/or Java compiler(s). can anyone suggest a fairly inexpensive one for this purpose please?
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My birthday is in less than two months now (whoopee!) and I have decided to plan my own party this year. (It drives me insane when other people try to plan a party for me because I'm the party planner of the group and do everyone else's.) I'll be 25 this year and most of my friends are over 21 now.

I was thinking about a themed dinner party at my house, a la Bridget Jones. (Except unlike Bridget, I am a good cook and won't make blue leek soup.) I have a nice deck outside that I can decorate up so we can eat outside, too. My birthday is on a Friday this year, but I think I'm going to have the party the following day. The weather should be agreeable, but if it turns cold, we can easily move inside.

I already have a few ideas, but am interested in what other people think, too. What themes do you suggest?
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anotomy question...

This is a really dumb question but i was just wondering,

What organ is on the right-middle of my stomach area? Like directly in line with my belly button.

I'm getting a little worried because I think i hurt something in that area on friday[all of a sudden it just started to hurt] and it was getting better, but i just sneezed and now it hurts really bad.

Thanks in advance.
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Tea Tree

I am so sorry for posting this? But i was looking for the topics but i can't find it.

It has been said to me that Tea Tree is used for many things? What exact is it for and how could I use it? Are you able to use this as a home remedy as well?

Thank you and again sorry if this question to be asked once again...
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I've never ordered anything online before. There are a couple of things I'd like to get from, and I was wondering if anyone here ever had problems with online shopping? Anything in particular I should be wary of?

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I called someone about a job at the audobon society for an assistant to the director (findraising, making flyers and bruchures yada yada). It sounds good to me, and I had called to see if I would possibly considered for an interview.

They called me back and told me to call them with any questions I have about the position. I want to have some really good questions to ask pre-interview in order to perk her interest, but I am not sure what is appropriate to ask.

Any suggestions?

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How much do you guys pay to go watch a movie?

The theater I go to charges $7.50 for matinee and $9.50 for regular times. I was thinking it was probably a little above the average price of it?


Where can I buy cheap produce in the city of Chicago? I live in River West (near the Grand blue line stop), but would be willing to travel a bit.

Thanks so much.
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West Virginia

In November, I am travelling to USA (from australia) to work at a ski resort for 3 months. My first choice was to go to Colorado, but I cant now because I'm not available in the times they want. I heard Utah wasnt a very good place for social activities...
So I narrowed it down to Snowshoe in West Virginia or somewhere in CA.

I chose Snowshoe beacuse of their employment dates and housing they offer... I just hope my interview goes well and i get the job.

Has anyone been to Snowshoe?
Does anyone know what West Virginia is like?

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What's worse:

Bad Decision



Also, should someone go into a career when they're not sure they want to? Or just waste time in a dead-end job till inspiration hits?


1) Is anyone here a vegan/vegetarian? What type are you?

2) If so, why? If not, why not?

3) If you are, do you wear animal-cruelty free products [vegan leather, etc]?

4) What do you think of PETA?

5) Are you an animal rights activist or do you just follow the lifestyle?

6) When did you become a vegetarian? What made you make the switch?

7) Do you use animal-cruelty free products [non-tested on animals cosmetics, etc]?

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what is the best/easy to follow music DLing program to use?? We all know that Kazaa sucks... and Limewire is pissing me off... i've been thinking about soulseek but one my friends has warned me about it... so what do you use??
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Digital cameras and memory

I first bought a Kodak DC 3400 in February of 2001, and it bit the dust about a month ago.

I still have a 48 MB CompactFlash card that works perfectly fine, and I’d like to keep using it if possible.

Right now I have this Canon PowerShot A60 in my Amazon shopping cart, but I want to know if it takes the same memory card. I know it says CompactFlash Type I, but there’s no indication on the memory card that I own whether it’s Type I or Type II, and I’m not about to fry a brand-new camera. ;-)

Any help? Thanks!