August 1st, 2004

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Has anybody studied immunohematology or immunology? What was your experience with it?

I ask because I've begun my quest to find out what classes I want to take when I head off to college and immunohematology sparked my interest.

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Do any of you get random flybite looking hives this time of year? I've been getting them on my legs, and this time it's on the inner thigh and I have three quarter-size ones... they look like flybites at first but then turn into lumpy blobs. My only known allergy is plant-type stuff around this time of year. Yeah, any similar experiences?
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Did anyone hit Acen this year?
I'm listening to Evanescence: Imaginary, and I *know* that while i was there, I saw an anime music video to this song. Can anyone tell me what anime it was done with?
(You would have seen it in a viewing room or the "i was dumb and didn't preregister" line)

Speaking of Evanescence, the ending of Whisper, the chanting in the background- What *is* that?

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A friend has asked me to enquire about this.

His family are considering emigrating from the UK to New Zealand. If they go he would be planning to go to university over there and study something to do with IT/Computing. Can anyone offer advice on
-universities in New Zealand
-entry requirements
-anything else I haven't thought of?

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Looking for a record

I'm trying to find Apoptygma Berzerk "Starsign" on vinyl, preferably a 12", but anything except a 78 RPM record will be fine(my turntables only have 33 and 45)

Even a 78 RPM will be considered, it will just end up having a large effect on my upgrade planned for a few months from now. Speaking of, does anyone know if there is a hack out there that will let a Technics SL1200/1210 series turntable play 78 RPM records? Or in the meantime before I upgrade if such a hack has been designed for the Numark TT-1625?

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QUICK!! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!! If anyone knows of a places that I can get the COMPLETE study guide for The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper, I will honestly love you for the rest of my natural born life. Pinkmonkey doesnt have it and I desperately need them. PLEASE HELP!!!!