July 31st, 2004

spanish question

i dont think i'll be spelling this right since i know almost no spanish, but could someone tell me what the following means...

pinche gringo punterro (poon-tear-row)

thats how my girlfriend was saying it.

i know the "pinche gringo" part, but she didn't know how to translate the last word into english.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know a website where I could find strang and interesting (but real) holidays that take place during the year? Things like, international hotdog day?

Any help would be useful. Thanks!

(no subject)

what is a good way to smoke pot in an apartment bedroom and create a minimum amount of smell left over? If it helps, I have air conditioning, incense, and some sort of air freshener...and my parents are coming back tomorrow night

First time flyer...

I am goin on a plane for the first time and don't really know what I can and can't do.

Can I bring headphones? Will they need to be in my carry-on bag or can I carry them with me on the plane to wear on take-off?

Also...can I carry-on a stuffed animal to hold onto on take-off and during the flight?

I am scared to death, very anxious about it. I'm going to Vegas from California so its just and hour flight like everyone says, but I've been against flying for FOREVER. Please if anyone can help ease my anxiety on this - any other helpful hints will be great. Yes I will be taking this trip by myself and asked for no preference in seating because I prefer not to have a window seat because I may not open my eyes. I'm a scaredy cat I know ! :)
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leave your turntable on

crazy orginizational question.

Are the links to your favorite sites separated into categories? If so, what are they, and why have you separated them?

I have five folders for my favorites: fun (for entertaining sites), pop stuff (things about music, or just general pop culture), pictures and info (information sites and links to picture sites), boards (for message boards, and fan fiction. They're all separated because I hate having to sort through a long list of links (the way I did when I had CompuServe; I'd bookmark a site and I would have to go through a long list of things before I found what I was looking for) and because it simplifies things.
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I <3 Chicago

(no subject)

So I plan on going to Scotland in the spring for school and I had a few questions about getting my passport.

Where (like what building) would I obtain my passport?
Do I have to get it in the city I reside in or can I get it from my college town?

Thanks so much!!

<3 Manda
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