July 30th, 2004

Since I'm feeling rather old...

What's your favorite childhood memory?

I have one of me waking up in my crib (!!!), and having my mother, who is wearing a towel on her head, turn to me and start singing a song that my family made up long ago:

I didn't know she was a-wakin' bacon,
I didn't know she was awaaaaaaaaake!!!

It's catchy, isn't it? ;)

And then I bounced happily while holding the edge of the crib. Hooray basic motor skills!

I'd love to hear yours!
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(no subject)

Anyone fairly fluent in German? Could anyone tell me what "blaubeermund" means? The reason I ask is because there's a (extremely awesome) German group I listen to, E Nomine, that has a song titled "Der Blaubeermund". I love the song but cannot for the life of me figure out what the title means. Help?
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(no subject)

i was on a road trip with my friend today, and I noticed that along the highway there will be multiple gas stations all near each other. But one gas station will be say $1.89/gallon and the one right next to it will be like $1.94/gallon....so what Im asking is how does the more expensive one stay in business, and also, who is stupid enough to pay the extra 5 cents/gallon when there is cheaper gas no more than 15 seconds away? (not meant to offend anyone who may have done that before..)
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We just moved to a new house and the place is swarming with mosquitos!  I know the tips on how to prevent them, but how can I get rid of the ones that are already there?  Google informed my of a machine that can help, but it is expensive.  Any ideas?
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I'm allergic to SOMETHING!!

Okay, I'm allergic to SOMETHING in my house. It's like every time I come into my own home I get a head cold... but after a few minutes of being outside I'm normal again. It's not dust...because I was just in a very dusty dorm for a few months and I was fine. No pets or anything like that. It can't be the laundry or something because I'm still wearing my clothes when I go outside (usually, LOL). What could it be?!
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cricket cricket

I have seen a few years ago, a tongue-in-cheek way to explain the "gentleman's" sport of cricket. It had 20 rules of cricket (the exact number of rules I don't remember, 20 is a guess). It's audience being American, made references to baseball/softball. But it was hilarious to read. Anyone know where I can find the text? I have looked but I can't seem to find it!

Also, while we are trying to figure out t-shirts, I saw this one that didn't make any sense...anyone can help? It had a 'warning' sign, underneath it the text read: "Women when wet". ummm...huh?
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When things heal... they sometimes itch. Well, I have this cut on the bottom of my foot that's itching like crazy. I'm afraid to scratch because it'll re-open the wound. Any suggestions to make the itching go away?
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How legit are these sites?

I have a question; I stumbled unto an mp3 site called mp3 advanced. Click here to view the site. I wanted to know if anyone has used it before. If so how legit was the site and would you use it?

Likewise, I was looking through my emails on yahoo and the little ad on the side was a site to bestselling book where every book cost $9.95. The site is called zooba and I wanted to know if anyone was familar with it?

Thank you in advance.
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(no subject)

Are there any laws regarding what a previous employer is allowed to say when another employer calls them about an employee who used to work for the previous employer?

EDIT: In new york state
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Stargate question

In the Stargate tv and movie universe, what happens if you try to go through a stargate the wrong way? I don't recall seeing that ever happen. I know you can't travel succesfully the wrong way, but I don't know what happens if you try.
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(no subject)

Has anyone ever used 1-800-contacts? The contacts that i currently used aren't a name brand. So i would have to get a different brand. Should I just go to my eye doctor instead?