July 29th, 2004


"Break a leg" e-cards?

Does anyone have any suggestions where to find a free greeting card for someone that wishes good luck but doesn’t actually say good luck?

An actor friend of mine’s show is opening this weekend, and it’s too late for me to send something by mail. I’m not sure how superstitious he is, and I don’t want to say “good luck” just in case. (Generally, “good luck” is considered “bad luck” in theatre.)

This isn’t a huge deal (I can always find a blank one, I suppose), but any suggestions would be great. :-) I’m checking out Care2, free-e-cards-online, Amazon and all the “good luck” cards say good luck.


video games

Its late and Im bored.. Looking to find a new online game addiction. So my question I guess is what online games out there are offering a free trial period to use there game and or beta test? For instance the way Secondlife or There offers their game to new users (currently I think they have 1 week trials which are downloaded from their site). Im already a member of EQ, There, Second Life, and ex member of TSO. Thanks in advance

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Last night in work my friend and I were talking about books. Somehow the conversation turned to A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer. Apparently there has been things in the news claiming he made it all up and now his mother is suing him.

Is this true? I tried Googling and found nothing to suggest this. My friend mentioned it had happened fairly recently but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Of course I do know from reading his other books his mother and one of his brother's completely denied the abuse. And I believe his mother died in the third book - memory is a bit fuzzy I read it years ago :-)
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(no subject)

I heard some things about film getting screwed up by x-ray stuff at airports. Is this true? Has it ever happened to you?

I'm going to Las Vegas soon and will be going to a convention and the Grand Canyon while I'm there. I do not want these pictures screwed up. We've got the digital camera as back up but I can get some really great pictures with my big ole clunker of a camera.

(no subject)

How do you politely refuse doing something with someone? I love my friends, but I'm not made of money. :/ And they don't quite understand that.
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my boss's wife is giving birth sometime soon. He was telling me that after birth the mom will be on a strict fish-diet. Not the curry fish, etc. but just boiled plain fish for protein and what not...This is a Malay custom, and she will be on it for 2 months!

I know Indians have some customs like that as well depending on where they are from, how rich/poor, background etc. Have you heard of other customs?
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Stupid stuff.

When I put it up, I knew this day would come...

I put corkboard things up on my wall, which I thought looked snazzy. Now though, i'm moving and that stupid white sticky crap is on the wall. Nice little squares of double sided tape, taunting me.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me. I wouldn't care so much but the room was painted before I moved in, and i'd hate to move out and leave it looking worse than before.

I hope I can get rid of it, it just looks tacky.
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(no subject)

You know how you're supposed to do a follow up call after you apply someplace for a job? Well my question is, what if the only info you have on the place you applied is the e-mail address of the person hiring?

I don'tknow the name of the place, or the address, or the phone number! If I want to follow up my resume, should I e-mail them again?
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(no subject)

Some random customer came into my work today wearing a shirt that had a rainbow swastika on it. What the hell?
Is it supposed to mean that the nazi's were gay, that gays are nazis that he is a gay nazi, or what? Maybe it was just someones attempt to combine symbols of the two most controversial groups they could think of, and see how many people they could piss off.

I would have asked him but I was at work and all that.

But seriously, what the hell?
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MSN Name?

Okay so I have a friend on my MSN messenger who currently has the name "Liberal: a person so open-minded their brains fall out" So anyway I was looking for a clever comeback to that, to make my name, do ya'll have any suggestions?

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(no subject)

Could anyone suggest a free programme that converts .asf files to .avi (without watermarks)? Every programme I download stamps a huge watermark on the movie so I can't really see much of the image...helfen mich?
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Does anyone know a website where you can create wishlists? Something similar to Baggle. I'm not talking about stuff like Amazon. For example, if you go to a website that doesn't have wishlists, you can someone "add" the item to your account at a website, and it'll put it on a wishlist. Here's an example of a Baggle wishlist. My only problem is that you can't comment, and that it doesn't direct you EXACTLY to the item.

Thank you =)

(no subject)

I'm planning on going to school to become and Industrial Designer.

How and where can I find some stats on how many women are in that field? I've tried googling. Is there a website somewhere with this kind of info? I'm also kind of wondering if the women in that field earn less than men?

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Can a spider be trained?
I capture spiders sometimes and keep them as pets. My last spider would sit in my hands, and jump back into her* jar when she didn't feel like playing. the spider before her wasn't as calm, i kinda figured she'd try to eat me, so no out-of-jar time for her*.
The spider I have now hasn't tried to bite me or anything, and i had her* in my hand once with no problems. The last time i tried to hold her, she made a run for it.
So, is there a way to train her? Did the spider before her just figure she had a good life in the jar, and my hands usually meant food on the way, or was she just naturally laid back?

*the first two laid eggs in the jar. this one is actually large enough that i can look at her... those sorta-like-antennas-but-not things and tell.