July 28th, 2004

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I want to sell stuff on eBay, but am lacking in the digital camera department. Obviously I'm not going to bother with stuff like handmade things and clothes until I get one...but for stuff like CD's or books, will people still actually look at your auction without a picture? Does a picture for items such as those determine whether you look at/bid on an item?
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Martial Arts

Can anyone mention some martial arts in the same vein as Tai Chi?
I have wrist problems (cant do a pushup due to horrible amounts of pain) so I can't go after anything aggressive, but I am looking for something that will build physical strength, fortitude, health and of course protection. I am familiar with many, but maybe someone can offer me a new name.

Please say a few sentences as to why you suggest this art, thank you.

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Okay so you know how it's supposed to mean that you're coming into money or something if your plam itches? Or if your ear rings, someone's talking about you?

Does it mean anything if your nipple itches?

Oh-- and another thing. Maruchan Ramen or Top Ramen?
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Wireless networking woes.

With wireless networking for DSL, do you have to keep one computer wired?

I've spent the past several hours toiling over my new wireless networking hardware. My mother's desktop computer, where the DSL is hooked up, doesn't have an Ethernet port, but the router is all Ethernet connections. My father insists that I don't need to worry about it because the modem and router should be able to stand on their own, but from what I'm getting from the instructions, the router needs to remain connected via Ethernet cord to a computer. Am I missing something and is he right, or should I tell him that's wishful thinking and send my router back for a USB compatible one?
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Ok, this is sort of an over PG-13 question, so I'll cut it.
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As for my other question, in Pirates of the Carribean, Will Turners father was on the Black Pearl and therefore would have been under the curse, no? So, how did Barbossa weight him down with cannonballs in he was all skeletol and immortal and whatnot?

Try and answer the first one more, but both would be nice. Thanks.