July 27th, 2004



Typesetters of the past had a tremendous number of specialized terms for their craft. All the little symbols on a typical keyboard have odd names: "!" is a bang. "?" is an erotreme. Is there a name for the use of three asterisks as a separator between sections text? There might be a generic name for anything used to separate section of text. If anyone knew of a book that covered the history of typesetting, I'd be interested to know the title. By way of example:

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Also, if anyone has seen the film Head Office lately, or has it on DVD, there is a scene in which Judge Reinhold is outside eating a hot dog and someone who later became famous walks by and looks right at the camera. Who is it?

I just remembered who it is. So, now my question is: Don't you hate it when you're asking a question and then remember the answer in the middle of asking it. But then someone answers the question quickly, and you feel like an idiot? And you want to say, "Umm, you really shouldn't get 'credit' for answering that question because I thought of the answer in the middle of asking it, but it would have been awkward to stop the sentence in the middle." But you can't say that. Who would say something so stupid? And then you're embarrassed that you even thought something as stupid as that? And then, you think, "How awful my life has become that I think that because someone else answered a question that I asked, that somehow I am diminished."

So, hopefully now you will be wondering, "Well, who was the later-to-be-famous person that walked by Judge Reinhold in Head Office?" I will let you wonder.

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I'm not sure what the proper etiquette regarding thank-yous is. I recently had my graduation party, and am now sitting down to write them. Would it be bad form to make them? I thought about going out and buying some, but that seems so impersonal, so I thought I'd make some. I don't know, I may still just buy them and write messages inside. Which would you prefer to get?

Also, anyone know of a community that'll take Chicago (the movie) icons? I made some, I was that bored.

One last question: if you could make any flavor of chapstick, what flavor would you choose? I'd choose tomato. :D
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Viruses for PCs pretty much only spread because people open attachments.

My question is, WHY THE HELL do people still open attachments? Are they that stupid, are their lives that boring that whatever piece of crap comes in their inbox their curiosity gets the best of them? It reminds me of idiots on the road when there's a car pulled over. You mean I'm in traffic because your life is that pathetic and useless that a car on the side of the road is somehow exciting? These virus things should be a thing of the past.

Second followup, have you opened an attachment recently and received a virus/worm from it?
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Don't you just hate emails sometimes?

I need to know whether or not I should invite this person to my birthday party. In an exchange of emails, this is the conversation, unedited, except for names:

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So my question is, should I invite her? I don't want to exclude her from my birthday party because she's a good friend when she wants to be, but I don't exactly make a habit of befriending people who call me stupid.
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Recipe search online?

Does anyone know where I can enter the stuff I have in my fridge and cabinets and I can get a list of recipes?

I've known of other sites that do this for mixing alcohol but I can't find one that does food.

Any help would be mucho appreciated!


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i started taking an antibiotic on wednesday of last week and finished it on friday. i'm also on the pill. i know that being on antibiotics can screw around with the effectiveness of the pill. how long after you stop taking the antibiotics before the pill starts working regularly again??

Time to sulk...

When great events come to an end I always get depressed. I had one of the most fabulous weekends of my life and now life seems so boring. Is this just me? How do you deal with this? I'm living on the memories... but Christ! Real life is so humdrum.
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you crazie hippies...

Does anyone know how to to create designs while tie-dying? I know how to do basic things, like a heart...but something I'd like to try is this. I can't find instructions for it, only places to buy an actually shirt. But hey, I'm a DIY-er.

instagram, me

Long shot

For UK radio-listeners only.
Was anyone listening to Jonathan Ross on Radio 2 on Saturday? One of the quiz contestants had 2 kids, named Zuzu and something else equally exotic - but I can't remember what, just that I had a vague feeling it might be a good name for my impending child (due December).
I know I could go to the BBC website and listen again, but I don't have a sound card.

Well, I said it was a long shot...


My friend has this Weezer poster in her room that we both absolutely love. Its great to look at and is a nice touch to her decor. We were wondering though, what does it mean? Is it completely random, or does it have some significance that we are missing out on. It's probably something obvious that we should have known, but I figured asking here would be my best bet.

Have you even seen this poster? Maybe you own it?

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I'm pissed off at Alyssa and Sarah H. I called Alyssa on friday and she was in the middle of having sex, so we hung up. You would think she would call me back sometime, well nope. Sarah..I called her too, twice. She was sleeping both times and well she can't call me back either. If my freind called me and I was busy, I would call them back later, not ingore tham all weekend and to this day still not have talked to them. Sarah found out I was mad and she asked me when I called and talked to my brother and she got pissy for me being mad at her. Whatever......some friends!

Do I have a right to be mad? What would you do?

Speaker rewiring.

Does anybody have any insight as to how much it would cost to get one stereo speaker rewired? My mom is going to give me her "new" stereo because she would rather have her old one, but the old one needs a couple repairs including the rewired speaker and a new record player needle. I was able to come up with info on the needle, but I'm lost as far as the speaker rewiring. I will call around to some places tomorrow if no one can help here. Thanks for any help in advance.