July 25th, 2004

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Does anyone know where to find this poem/song? I think it's titled "But You Didn't". It's about a girl listing all her boyfriend/lover's broken promises.

Every pair of sentences starts like this:
First line - "You promised to..."
Second line - "But you didn't."

One of the things he promised to do was to buy her flowers, I think.

The poem/song ends with "You promised to come back from the war, But you didn't."
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Just what would it take to kill Bert Gummer? I'm guessing a 20 megaton nuke, minimum. Or maybe a texas sized asteroid.

I also just found out that he's played by the same actor as the dad in Family Ties. Definitely showed some versatility. And in Tremors 4, he plays yet another completely differenct character. Anyone else impressed with his ability to play widely divergent roles?
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when i do push ups (and yes i am doin them right) i can feel it in my stumach, like i have done mah max in sit ups (even after one push up) it hurts so bad i have to stop.. why is it hurtin in my stumach like that?
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I was talking one day to someone, and the question came across:
Why is the subject of female masturbation so largely avoided in society?

I mean, girls hardly talk about it. Somehow it's not decent and it makes you incredibly dirty. But then, these same girls turn to guys and'll tease them about jacking off. It feels a tad more uncomfortable to turn to and discuss the female side of things.

If you're offended by this ever showing up at all, please just drop by and say "I can't beeelieevvve you're asking this!!!" just so I can see everyone's opinion.

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I downloaded a program and it changed settings in my Internet Explorer. How do I fix this? I don't want to dump the program, but I don't like the way my browser is acting! Using an anti-spyware program hasn't helped.

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Does anyone here make their own toiletries?
I want to start making my own stuff as I don't want to use commercial stuff full of nasty chemicals, and the only store that sells all natural stuff is Lush which costs far too much - I need to find good sites and books to get me started, it seems like soap recipies and so on are easy enough to find, it's just shampoo and conditioner which seems hard to find instructation anbd recipies for, can anyone help please?
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CD players playback speed

If I simply slowed down the spindle motor on a CD player, would it slow down the playback, or make it all crappy and gittery? By the same token, what would happen if I sped it up?

I've got a crazy idea for a hardware hack, but need to know if its a simple matter of a variable resistor or if I'll have to delve into hacking the logic board. If CD was analog my idea would work, but I'm not sure if that translates well to digital gear...