July 24th, 2004

unappreciated beauty

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What is it that makes mosquitos prefer some people over others? Is it something they eat? I heard that eating bananas makes them not get you so much...or maybe it's not eating bananas that's good, I don't remember. Anyone know?


Okay, there's this movie with a quote at the end something like this:

"don't give it up right away, you'll never get him that way."

It's a mom talking to her daughter. The mom is telling the daughter that when she finds a nice guy not to sleep with him right away, because then she'll never get married. She needs to develop a relationship first, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, does anyone know what movie this is from?
niet eten.

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if my cousin's mother was my brother's half-sister, does that make him my cousin, step cousin, or half-cousin? also, could someone explain the first/second and removed thing to me? :)


I know very little about cellphones... my mom just bought me one, a Samsung a660 if that matters, and my service is with Bell.

To download ringtones/screen savers, do I have to be hooked up to the net through my phone? I thought I could just go online on my comp and somehow do it that way but it's not working so I'm guessing no... Help svp?

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How do I get rid of Ad programs that downlowned themselves onto my computer but won't appear on either Ad-Aware or the Control Panel? My brother's out of town until September and he's usually the one that fixes these things...

a book question....

so two summers ago (i'm pretty sure it was two summers ago) i read this newly released book (fiction) from a well known woman author. it was about a teenage girl from a big, lower middle class Irish family who moves out to the east end of long island to stay with her aunts family for the summer. She becomes the babysitter for the children of this wealthy couple and ends up sleeping with the father (an artist).
does anyone recognize what book this is?

mouse go crazy

Sometimes I lose control of my touchpad mouse on my laptop. I'll be on it and it'll be fine, then the cursor doesn't move where it's suppose too. It'll start shaking and clicking on everything, opening/closing windows repeatedly. Does anyone know what's happening or how I can fix this?

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Why is it that I can never use wax?
I've tried it a few times with no luck, no hairs are removed and it just turns into a sticky mess, I follow the directions exactly but still no good - what the hell is up with that?

DVD Drivers

I have a Sony CD-RW/DVD-rom combo.

Model CRX300E

However, I can't find the stinking drivers to make it play DVD movies!

It's driving me NUTS.

Any help would be much appreciated!


What kinda program plays AVI files? I have Windows Media Player [version 7, I think] and QuickTime, but it's not working... I'd like to avoid downloading RealPlayer. I hate that program.

What program does everyone use to burn video files? I tried burning it with the program I regularly use, Ahead Nero but when I check to see if the video is on the CD, it doesn't show up =\

What does everyone use to download music? I run Ares Galaxy and SoulSeek. Okay, for those who use Ares Galaxy, I have some questions:
1) How do I rename files? Everytime I change it and then I shut down the computer for the night or something, the file goes back to its original name! Why is that?
2) How come you can't put brackets in the file name? It just shows up as a space. Drives me crazy.

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I gave my boyfriend my toy giraffe (Toby, he's in my icon) to keep while I was away for the summer. As luck would have it, he broke up with me a few days ago.. and now I'm really wondering how I could go about getting Toby back.

We're still on speaking terms, but I don't come home for another month or so.. Should I have him give it to a friend while I'm still gone, or just wait it out and awkwardly ask when I get home? What do you think I should do? O.o
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The Liar's Penis

Why does almost every guy I hear describe his penis as being 9" long? (A guy downstairs is talking about it and I can here him through my window). I remember reading in a human sexuality class that less than 2 percent of the male population of the planet is endowed with more than 7". I seem to recall reading that for the average 6' male, it is exactly nine inches from the ball of their wrist to their elbow.

Are we to honestly believe that almost all men have a penis as long as their forearms?