July 23rd, 2004

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My cousin and I are having the hardest time trying to find E Nomine icons. We've googled it(and gasp! Even other search engines.) and looked around livejournal/deadjournal/blurty some to see if we could borrow someone's, but no good luck. Can anyone help us find, preferably, an(some) AIM icon(S) that has something to do with E Nomine? If it doesn't fit the AIM icon's needs, we can try and make it. Thanks in advance to anyone who can. :)

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the computer at my work is t3h suXx0r, but i want to go at it one huge problem at a time, because we can't just buy a new one. currently, the most pressing problem is outlook express.

outlook will not open. at first i got the error message about msoe.dll not being found. so i googled and fixed that. then i got the error the msoeres.dll was not found, so i googled again, but had less luck because the computer sucks and is slow (it probably needs a new mobo+proc+ram=NEW COMPUTER). so i forgot about it for a few days and later googlesearched it from home. i found an article about outlook express not completely updating during the move from win2k to winxp. the computer at work is running win98 SE and is not being updated anytime soon, though IE and outlook express were updated to the latest versions, recently.

my question is, is it safe to assume that the problems i'm seeing with updating outlook on 98SE are the same problems as when updating from 2k to XP and things not completely finishing? should i try out the fix? the error messages seem to be the same.

concurrently, is anyone still running 98 and has had and fixed this problem?
TO: Pavlov's Dwight

Is it a sport if people say it is?

The people in my office are having a heated argument over what makes a "sport" a sport.

IN particular, they are talking about professional cycling. Amy says that a sport that involves physical prowess, rules, and active competition is a sport.

Keith says that anyone can hop on a bike, and just because a bunch of people decide to race each other, it doesn't make it a bona-fide "sport." In his mind, basketball and baseball and football and etc. are "sports." Cycling, pool, darts: not sports.

Keith says, "The Tour de France is nothing but a sightseeing trip."

What do you think?

Update: Yes, I'm an idiot, I checked "disallow comments" by mistake earlier, when I was just trying to stop the *e-mailed* comments. It's a great discussion, and I apologize.
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I have a friend whos getting married, and Im having some real trouble figuring out what to get her. Shes 17, her fiance is 18 and they'll be living with his family for the next couple of years (I think til they finish school/college). So they dont need the usual household items, and I know of at least 4 other people who are getting them picture frames, albums, etc. Any ideas what to get her as a wedding present?
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A few months ago my mother gave me a huge box full of pots and pans that she didn't need anymore. I had *just* bought a set of pots for my apartment (that were cheap and crappy I might add), and I didn't think I'd have any room for these pots, so I just gave the box to my bf not looking at what was inside.

Well he unpacked them and it turns out most of the pots are really old amazing pots that were my grandmothers. One of the things in there was this beautiful colander with stars cut out for draining. I actually remember these things from when I was little and cooking with my grandmother. Whenever I walk through his kitchen and see that colander it brings back great memories of her. She died a long time ago, when I was about 5.

I really want to ask for probably 2 things back, because even though they're just kitchen things, they hold alot of memories for me. But him and his roommates use these things all the time! It would make me so happy to be able to use these things in my own kitchen, especially since I now live down the street from where she grew up.

Should I just let these things go? Am I being obsessive over a pot and a colander? Would it be really rude to ask for them back? Even just 2 things?

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Does anyone have any idea as to where I could find a solid black comforter? I've looked on a few websites (Wal-Mart, Target, Kaufmann's, JC Penny, Bed Bath & Beyond) and didn't find what I had in mind. I haven't yet actually gone to the store to look for one, but they're bound to have others than just what are on the websites, right? I don't want anything too pricey, either.

Also -- lime green (walls) and black (trim/floor)? What do you think? I'm planning on painting my room this weekend.
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New Treasure

So I was working at the Goodwill today and I don't usually get time to shop there because by the time I get done with work all I want to do is leave. Well anyway 5 minutes before I left today I saw my treasure find of the month!! So its a really cool rug about the size of my blue carpet I had in my dorm room and its zebra print! It is so cool I am so excited!!

My question is what is the best way to get set in spots out of a carpet or rug, without a carpet shampooer because I don't have one.

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So, you're taking a shower/bath. You're attacked by some murderer. Somehow you make it outside without getting injured by this murderer and are going to a neighbor's to contact the police. Are you covered by a towel . . .or did you leave the towel and just run out nude?
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Values of old records

I've got some old records, some of potential value(IE, first pressings of some major classics from several decades ago, in playable though not perfect condition)... Anyone know where I could go to look up possible values? Mainly country, jazz, swing, and old school(50's and 60's) rock. While records are on decent shape, the sleeves of some barely qualify as intact.

And, has anyone else had to post something three or more times to get it to go in the right place? This has gone to my personal journal and a completely irrelevant community before I actually clicked the right button to send it here.

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I want to buy a film from this website (http://www.unlearninghomophobia.com/store.html) but it's going to be delivered to my parent's house and I'd much prefer if there was no indication that it was "gay" on the packaging. So, my question is, would packaging for orders like this indicate the website it came from on the package, or would it say "EyeBite" - the name of the company listed on the order page (https://cart.bamart.com/shipping.mart?i=UQWK268FXG1G9PT6TRVG32JP781675C0&m=EyeBite&SHIP=I)?
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Besides the cost of plane tickets, how much should how much money should I plan on taking with me to vacation in England or Wales?

Also, if I were to visit someone in Calgary, Canada. How much should I intend on bringing? Oh, that is in American dollars too.
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not optimistic, but...

While out school supply shopping for yourself, your children, and/or your great aunt tillie's botany class that she's taking at the learning annex down the street...

Has anyone seen any Harry Potter themed school supplies? Actually, all I really want is a simple HP pencil or a notebook, but I'm curious if any store has anything this year.

Or, if not, any suggestions where I might could find notebooks and things that have something on them besides Spider-Man or Yu Gi Oh? I thought there'd be HP and LOTR folders and such everywhere, but no. Or, does Hot Topic sell actual notebooks with white paper (not the paper with printed pictures)? I doubt very much my chemistry professor would appreciate homework turned in on Invader Zim's face. :)

And, I guess we're talking retail chain stores in the US... or a good website if need be.
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I'm knitting a pattern- white on black. However, the black is cheap acrylic, and the white is a leftover from my mom's old stash. The white is extremely fluffy and, while soft, the strands are showing up all over the black.

Is there any way I can get rid of all of this? Would a regular lint roller work?
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A beauty question:

I have pretty dry skin.

I've heard before that if you have dry skin, you should use creme eyeshadow. Likewise, if you have oily skin you should use powder eyeshadow.

One of my friends is a Mary Kay consultant. I went with her to a meeting, and one of the ladies there told me that isn't true, that I could use powder eyeshadow and it would work fine.

Thoughts on this?

Just curious.

Can you drive a stick shift/manual transmission automobile?

Yep, sure can.
Nope, sure can't.
I don't know how to drive.

What transmission is your car?

I don't have a car.
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