July 22nd, 2004

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Please, one time I was in the bowling ally where I bought from a small sticker-vending machine (for fifty cents, you know the kind...hmmm...) some stickers that were CD labels. They were metallic, with fancy decorations like flames, dragons, and optical illusions (if I had the time, scanner, and inclination I'd go ahead and scan the last one I have to show y'all what I mean)...do you know what I'm talking about, and if you do, where can I buy them online? Please do help, I tried Google (obviously) and couldn't seem to find anything that didn't need to be printed off a printer. I really want ready-made labels...


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Do any of you guys exaggerate the way that I do? For example, if I see something on sale, like, Ralph Lauren sweatpants (I'm an idiot) from $80 down to $59, do you tell everyone else that they're $49? Or, if you saw two woodpeckers on the lightpole outside of your house, do you say you saw three?

WHY DO I DO THIS? I always lie about stupid stuff, and then after I say "well, actually, those pants were 59, but it's still not too bad for sweatpants!" And also, why would I lie about... woodpeckers!
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tank girl

Aren't I inquisitive?

Well I am seriously planning to poke my nose away from the Western Hemisphere.
I'd like to get involved with Buddhism or Tao and begin doing yoga. I think you all understand the trend of thought and such.
I'd like to read up on this, since it is a very important decision.
Would anyone like to recommend any good books on any of these or other related subjects?
Alone [by me]

Invasion of Privacy?

Based on recent situation in Texas.

Let's say you decide to go to an adult book store or strip club. How would you react when you get a postcard at home from a church group with a picture of your car and license plate that reads, "Observed you in the neighborhood. Didn't know if you were aware there is a church in the area"?

Here are some great responses to this question.
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What is your favorite part of the male anatomy?

What is your favorite part of the female anatomy?

Female: I love the curve of the waist going into the hips. Especially if the woman is lying down. I love hourglass figures.

Male: Upper arms/shoulder area and the curve of the lower back as it goes into the butt.
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Why do people get so absolutely head over heals freaked out at even the slightest suggestion that you may think God is a woman?

Do you ever infer God is female just to see people freak out?
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I have a picture file that I need to convert to a PDF file that would display as 5.5x5 inches. Unfortunately, the image file needs a high resolution, around 350 dpi, to be seen clearly, and when I open the file in Adobe, instead of being the proper size, it says that the image is 25 x 20 inches. Is there any way to reduce the image size without losing quality? When I tried to resave the image at 72 dpi, it was too blurry to read, although the size came out alright.

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Is anybody else's hotmail acting weird? For the past couple of hours my mail's been mysteriously disappearing and reappearing, and now I can't access any of my mail. It's there, but the inbox shows up empty.
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Dodecatheon clevelandii

Contents may freak during shipping

Does anybody here have experience in shipping pets cross-country? Does FedEx or the USPS do that sort of job? Anybody know what sorts of rules, regulations, requirements, etc. they've got for that sort of thing?

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So that's all a very long-winded way of saying that I'd love to have any words of advice from anybody who has experience with shipping a pet long distances.
leaf and fire

Argh. Computer issue.

Basic backstory: Have four computers networked together, sharing an ASDL internet connection (Comtrend modem, Vibe service provider) through a DLink (DI-604) router. Router fried earlier today; had to replace it. Problem is, only three of the computers will reconnect to the network.

The uselessness that is tech support tried to convince me that the network cable going to my computer (of course it would have to be mine that wouldn't reconnect) had fried as well and needed to be replaced. Replaced it; made no difference. Still can't get connected.

I'm running WinXP Home on that machine. Can anyone help me figure out what the shit's going on? As far as I can see, the settings are correct. They're the same settings I used for the fried (identical) router, so I'm not seeing what the problem should be considering they've worked on all the other computers.
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Love Question

I met this guy Bob through my friend Mary. Him and I basically spent an entire weekend hooking up, after about two weeks of constant flirting. We've talked a lot since then, and it's apparent that both of us are interested, and want the hooking up to continue, but neither of us are looking for any serious commitment, especially not right now. (it's summer, I'm about to start college, etc)

Anyway, the issue of exclusivity has, obviously, never come up. But two nights ago, Bob told me that he thought Mary liked him, because he claimed she tried to hook up with him. He seemed really guilty, and it took a lot for him to give me any details. Mary, on the other hand, told me they hooked up.What irks me is that he felt that he needed to lie about it, when we never even considered us to be exclusive.

So, do I say anything? Are my feelings justified?

Does this even make any sense?

<3, thanks
Isabella Soprano


I might have a job. at least I have an oppurtunity. the bank wants me to work there, but it would be major full time. like almost 50hrs a week. so, that means no school (except maybe one or *maaaaybe* two classes if it works right) this semester. although the wages earned for this semester off of school is somewhere in the neighborhood of possibly 6 grand. only other possible option for a job: part time job at same bank, except their menomonee falls branch, and I'd still be in school full time (though just barely with 12 credits).

so what should I do?

A: take the full time. money=good, and who really needs school?

B: ask for the part time, school and some spending money, plus it's up by jake

C: I've never had a job yet, why start now? just get further into debt and go to school till they won't let me go for free.

opinions? please tell.
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