July 20th, 2004


What do you do for a living?

What made you choose this job? Are you following your dreams or doing the job out of necessity? (ie. simply because those bills won't pay themselves!)

Are you happy with the job you're doing now?

Do you have any career related goals?


what do you think of giving girls names typically given to boys and vice-versa?

what do you think about alternate spellings of names? (for example: brittany, brittney, brittani, britnee, etc.)

how many middle names is too many? (my freshman year a girl with about seven middle names graduated).

do you have an "unusual" name? do you like it?
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(no subject)

Why is it that caffeine makes me extremely nauseous?

I cannot handle very much of it, and I see people can down cups and cups of coffee every morning without feeling any ill effects.
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wanna go?

a man i work with is going to the "burning man" event this summer. he showed me the ticket. on the back, in black, bold type are the following words:


my only question is - would you still want to go?
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leave your turntable on

crying over love songs

What songs have made you cry?

Mine aren't anything special. The first time I remember hearing Vanessa Williams's "Best for Last", I was asleep, my radio was on, and I was having a really sad dream. When I woke up, tears were just streaming down my face, and after that, the next few times I heard the song I'd cry. And in 1999, the first time I heard the Backstreet Boys song "Back to Your Heart", I burst into tears. Nowadays, I'm sure that if I hear Stevie Wonder's "Lately" in certain situations, I'll get all teary.
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name that children's book.

In third grade, our teacher read us a book about a frog prince told from the perspective of a female frog. Does anyone know the title of this book? I haven't a clue if it's a short children's book or a novel.
Scene I remember to help jog your memory:
When they meet, the frog prince can't talk, so he points to his mouth and trys to say, "My tongue!" The female frog looks in and replies, "What? It's attached at the top of your mouth, just like it's supposed to."
There also some weasels... somewhere...
Ack, I loved this story.

(no subject)

For all you Dell laptop users:

I need new rubber feet for my laptop, but how do I go about getting them! I'm searching everywhere, have any of you guys ordered them before? Around how much did they cost?
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I don't know how this happened but i'm being over run my pop-ups! I've already scanned my computer with ad-ware and spy-bot, but it's still happening!

What else can I do to make this stop?


So, the people I work with...think im gay or bi

Because they said im too nice, shy and cute to be straight.

what the fuck.

now they're influencing this girl..that I like, that im gay!!

should I get some guts and finally ask this girl out?

or should i just ignore them and wait for the right moment?

also, how does being overly nice, cute and shy = GAY?
I mean, even some lumber jacks are gay! and how manly are they!
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(no subject)

anyone here watch Six Feet Under?

If so, what did you think of this week's episode?

As for me, I found it almost unbearable to watch, and I didn't even feel like it was SFU that i was watching. It felt like some horror flick starring Michael C. Hall, as opposed to an episode of a tv show. It felt like there is no way this could contribute to the plot, and I am utterly utterly confused as to where this show may be going.
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Spacebar problems.

How much would it cost to get my spacebar fixed?

I have a Dell Inspiron 1100, and while I was typing tonight, one of the little white plastic deals under the spacebar popped off. My dad and I tried for a while, but we can't seem to get it back on. I'm looking to see if I can find my warranty, but if I can't find it, what can I expect to pay for someone (Dell or otherwise) to fix it?
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(no subject)

i just had a drink consisting of berry lemonade jones soda and vodka. there was a little more lemonade than vodka. i drank probably no more than a shot, and while i enjoyed the taste, the "bite" of the vodka in the back of my thraot was irritating, so i didnt finish the drink. now i feel like a have some sort of blister on my throat. the two friends i was with drank theirs with no problem.
the question: am i just not one to take alcohol well, or might i have an allergic reaction to vodka?
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